(PHOTOS) Christian Bale lost 30 kilos with the diet of black coffee, apple and tuna

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Some actors and actresses impress by the handling they have of their body for some production, such is the case of Christian Bale, who managed to lose 30 kilos with a strict diet based on coffee, tuna and apple.

Christian Bale managed to transform his body on several occasions

Few actors like Christian bale they can have such control of their body, losing 30 kilos in a short time could cause collapse for an ordinary person, but not for the one who once starred in Batman.

A Christian bale we have seen him in different facets, from when he was an obese actor to ‘American Hustle’ or incredible weight loss for ‘American Psycho’, Whatever his way of losing weight and training, the actor has surprised everyone with his physical change.

Also, for the trilogy of ‘Dark Knight’ showed impressive musculature and then dropped 30 kilograms for ‘Le Mans 66’.

How did Christian Bale lose 30 kg of weight?

But the most severe transformation he had was in ‘The Machinist’, where he played Reznika factory worker plagued with psychological problems and for this role, Bale had to lose more than 30 kg.

In just four months he achieved that emaciated look as he went on a low calorie diet and managed to lose all the weight he gained in ‘American Psycho’.

In four months prior to filming, Bale’s diet was based on black coffee, an apple and a can of tuna every day, something that seemed crazy to anyone, but not for a professional like him.

“This is less than 200 calories per day, so it’s not healthy at all,” explains Harley Street health expert Daniel O’Shaughnessy. “An extreme diet like this wreaks havoc on metabolism and causes a lot of stress on the body. An extreme diet like this wreaks havoc on metabolism and causes a lot of stress on the body,” he adds.

In this way, it is a warning to all those who want to make a diet like Christian Balesince they need the supervision of a professional and above all, have an adequate rhythm of life due to the low caloric intake.

Given the risk that this entails, Christian Bale assured that he will leave these severe transformations for his bodysince you are aware of the damage it can cause in the long term.

Thus, Christian Bale has had drastic transformations in his body, but nobody recommends that an ordinary person try to imitate a diet with coffee, apple and tuna to lose 30 kilograms of weight.

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