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Emma Watsonfrom a young interpreter to a wonderful woman

Emma Watson is one of those actresses of the nineties generation that cannot be easily forgotten. He owes her fame primarily to his interpretations of the famous franchise of Harry Potterinspired by the books of JK Rowling. But let’s go in order …

Private life

Born on April 15 in Paris, lived his first years of childhood in the French city, and then moved to London due to the separation of his parents. Once she grew up she got to attend the university of Oxford to Worcester College. She graduated in 2015 with a degree in English literature.

But let’s talk about his passion and predisposition for acting: in the distant past 1999 the first auditions began to shoot the first film of Harry Potter. After eight auditions, the director was convinced that he was the right person to play the role of Hermione Grangerwhich he starred in all subsequent seven films in the franchise, finished in 2011.

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But did she do anything else besides being an actress? The answer is yes! In fact, in 2014 she was nominated Goodwill Ambassador by the United Nations organization, which deals with the gender equality of women around the world. You even gave an introductory speech at the UN that millions of people listened to. In 2015 she launched Our Shared Shelfa virtual and feminist club on the Goodreads platform, a social network dedicated to book sharing.

Other than Harry Potter, where have we seen her?

So let’s make a chronological path of the films in which Emma Watson appeared:

Harry Potter

emma watson

As mentioned above, her fame almost completely owes her fame to this series of films, which have seen her as the main character in all eight films in the role of Hermione Granger. We’ve seen her grow ten years over the course of all the years at Hogwarts and it’s not something commonly seen among young actors, which we often see in films years apart. I don’t think they are necessary clarificationstrailers or other: these films are a must for everyone, and if you have never seen them even once I suggest you run and watch them before you finish reading this article.


The actress plays the role of Lucy Armstrong in a film based on the diaries Colin Clark wrote when he was an assistant on the film. The prince, the dancer and me, in which the famous Marilyn Monroe was present together with Laurence Olivier. To interpret Colin we find Eddie Redmayne, of whom we have extensively discussed in one of the articles of this column.

We are infinite

Emma takes part in one of the protagonists of the film: Sam, the one who will become the best friend of protagonist. The film is none other than the film adaptation of the book written by the director himself, Stephen Chbosky: Wall boy.

Bling Ring

Here too we are faced with a film written and directed by the director himself, this time a woman: Sofia Coppola. Based on a true story, the film is about a gang of thieves who operated in Los Angeles robbing many famous people. Emma this time took part in the gang playing the character of Nicki Moore.

Let’s get it over with

In this very special film, which is based on the 2007 short film Jay and Seth vs The Apocalypsand, each actor plays a version of himself. Among all the performers there is obviously also our Emma Watson.


In this famous film which retraces the classic story of Noah, Russel Crowe plays the protagonist of the film. Obviously it will be a slightly revised version of the story, and we will find our Emma in the guise of Ila, Noah’s adopted daughter, in short, she is saved by a whisker from the great flood.


2015 movies, Regression it’s a thriller which tells us about a detective who has to solve a very complex case. Emma Watson plays one of her main characters, Angela Gray, who sues her father for harassment.


In this magnificent film, based on many dramatically true stories, we find our actress in the role of the protagonist Lena, and during the course of the film she will have to plan the escape of her boyfriend Daniel.

The beauty and the Beast

One of the most famous films in which Emma Watson appears in addition to Harry Potter, traces the classic story of the tale of Beauty and the Beast, readjusted appropriately. The actress finds herself in the role of the protagonist kidnapped by the prince who has the appearance of a monstrous creature.

The Circle

2017 movies, The Circle is a sci-fi thriller directed by director James Ponsoldt. In this film Emma plays the main character Mae, who will have to decide the fate of her life. The actress was nominated for the Razzie Award for the worst actress, who luckily didn’t win.

Little Women

In 2019 she joined the cast of Little Womenin the role of the older sister Meg, a role that suited her perfectly. The film enjoyed considerable success and also received six Academy Award nominations.

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