La Nación / Susana Giménez and Sebastián Yatra surprised with a show on the subway

The singer Sebastián Yatra and the diva Susana Giménez surprised the passengers of Line H of the subway yesterday with a mini show at the Faculty of Law station in Buenos Aires. The Colombian artist and the TV presenter looked unrecognizable, as they tried to hide their identity while filling the Buenos Aires subway with music.

The driver had advanced on her social networks that the interpreter of “Red Heels” would be part of her program, in addition to making stops at different points in the capital of Argentina. Yatra began an acoustic show, accompanied by his guitar, singing songs like: “Cristina”, “There is no one else”, “One year”, among others. His partner was Susana, who accompanied him with a tambourine.

Both wore fun outfits to hide their appearance, the diva to hide her blonde hair, put on a brown wig, wore a set of jeans and a hat, while Sebastián wore a sports outfit, wore a wig with long braids, a hat and black glasses. People quickly gathered on the site to listen to the songs of the beloved Colombian.

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On the platform from the subway to the “street” artists were all the rage and the viewers recorded them without knowing their true identities, Yatra spoke in English to mislead, in a short video that travels the networks, it is heard that when interpreting the song “One year”, Sebastián He says that he wrote the song for his wife and points to Susana: “Her name is Betty and I love her very much.”

The moment to reveal the identity of both was during the song “Cristina”, when Yatra took off her wig, and the audience screamed after the revelation, so Susana also revealed her identity. For his part, Yatra shared stories on his Instagram account at the moment of preparing the looks for the surprise in the subway.

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