Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker: the dip (clothes) after the wedding

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker are two people who jump. Both at work, theirs brilliant careers they are the testimony. Is in loveas it demonstrates the marriage fifteen months after having formalized theirs relation. Or rather, it seems they were dating for some timebut the coming out on social media is dated February 2021with hands intertwined for Saint Valentine: now the fateful Yup.

Indeed, the fateful Yup, in the plural. Because the couple got married first in Las Vegassurprisingly after i Grammyin front of the double of Elvis Presley. And then in Santa Barbara, legally, not far from the Californian beach where in October the romantic was on stage wedding proposal. Last weekend, finally, in Portofino, to the castle perched on the promontoryin front of family members and closest friends.

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An outdoor ceremony, captured by paparazziwhich immediately aroused discussion for the location e the clothes of the protagonists. Anyway, in the dayafter the marriagethe model and the musician then agreed a bit of relaxation on the boat, off the picturesque Ligurian village. Snack, some tendernessthen the decision of dive into the sea, suddenly, without even put on the costume.

Him, without shirt but with dark trousers and jacketand she, in a black dress short and veiled, are mounted on the parapet of the yacht, a Riva 110 Dolcevita from over 33 meters, they took hands and they are launched into the sea, clothes. A quick swim around the hull, then the ascent: Travis climbs first on the ladder e reach out your arm to help Kourtney, before a romantic kiss on the bridge.

Seal of love, to dive into a new adventure together.

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