Kim Kardashian asks for protection because a fan has threatened her: report

Kim Kardashian revealed on Monday that a “stalker” threatened to kill her and her boyfriend, comedian Pete Davidson, for which she now asks for protection for her family, according to various international media.

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According to legal documents, obtained by the newspaper The Blastthe star of Keeping Up With The Kardashians included a copy of over 30 letters sent to her by an obsessed fan. In them, the man launched several direct threats towards the former member of the program Saturday night Live.

Kardahian’s attorney, Shawn Holley, describes the seriousness of the situation and lays out the various death threats against the comedian.

“In these letters, [el acosador] made numerous violent threats against Ms. Kardashian. In addition, he made numerous sexual comments about Ms. Kardashian and her partners. And she threatened to take action that would result in the incarceration of Ms. Kardashian and her family,” Holley wrote in the documents.

“He threatened the family of Mrs. Kardashian, making reference to her children. Violent threats included that she was on her ‘blacklist’, that she ‘she must die soon’ and that she ‘she would receive death’”.

According to the newspaper The SunKim filed for a restraining order against the man in Los Angeles County court, asking for protection for him to stay away from her and her family.

“Because of your most recent action, I put you on my blacklist. If I ever see you in New York or your boyfriend in Los Angeles, I’ll do it (the murder) that day. Pete must and will die this weekend and you next weekend,” reads one of the letters obtained by The Blast.

In the documents, Kim explains her experience with disturbing letters from her “stalker.”

“I never met or communicated with him and I have no relationship with him. I have never shared my address with him and I don’t know how he got my home address,” the socialite wrote in her statement, “There is absolutely no legitimate reason or purpose for him to contact me.”

“In multiple letters, he has threatened to kill me. He has made numerous false and delusional claims about me and my intimate relationships. He has also made disturbing sexual references about me in his letters. On April 25, 2022, he even made a written bomb threat to my business office.”

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