José Mota talks about the role of Juan Muñoz in ‘Survivors’

The participation of Juan Muñoz in ‘Survivors 2022′ caused his friend and ex-partner from ‘Cruz y Raya’, Jose MotaGive your opinion on this news. “As a good adventurer, he will try to have a good time and he does very well in going to survivors. He is a very funny person”, he explained during the premiere of the play ‘El Premio’ a month ago. However, the personal and professional relationship between the two began to break because Muñoz assured that He would never forgive the comedian after not receiving condolences for the death of his mother.

During the celebration of the Berlanga Humor AwardsJosé Mota spoke to the media about the Juan Muñoz’s stay in Honduras and it seems that this friendship has strengthened again. “It seems to me that he is playing an important role and I congratulate him because I know that it is very complicated. he is doing very well”, he confessed. Also, he joked about how long his former partner from ‘Cruz y Raya’ has been in ‘Survivors’ and ensures that “he would have died in two or three days”.

For now, Muñoz’s participation is proving more difficult than expected due to a health problem caused by a drop in one of its joints, although could be a sprained ankle. “She’s a bitch, I don’t get out of one and get into another. What I don’t know is if it’s a drop or a sprain, but I don’t think I sprained anything,” she explained.

José Mota’s response to his possible participation in ‘Survivors’

Previously, when the news came out that his friend Juan Muñoz was going to participate in ‘Survivors’, the popular comedian was asked if he would make the same decision to land in the Honduran archipelago. “You can never say no, but it depends”, he assured. However, it seems that his thinking has changed and he does not completely rule out his participation in this Telecinco program. “Why not? Anything that is a brutal change of life, even two months, seems to me to be an important challenge”, he predicted.

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