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Blows, improper conversations, addictions and other topics have been touched on in the trial of actor Johnny Depp against actress Amber Heard.

One of the arguments revived in court in recent days was the Heard’s alleged infidelity with businessman Elon Musk and model Cara Delevingnefor which several people have given their testimonies.

The litigation began after the actress and ex-wife of Depp, Amber Heard will publish an article in ‘The Washington Post’ in 2018 talking about how she would have been a victim of domestic violence by her ex-partner.

Given this, the actor filed a complaint stating that the content of the writing was false and that he was committing the crime of defamation.

“Ms. Heard is not a victim of domestic abuse; she is the perpetrator. She hit me, punched me and kicked me. She also repeatedly and frequently threw objects at my body and at my head, ”said the interpreter of ‘The Scissorhands Man’.

Since then, Depp has been given the task of finding and showing the relevant evidence that incriminates Heardnot only for having lied in the article, but also for having violated the actor during the relationship.

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Amber Heard

Amber Heard during the trial with Johnny Depp



Even one of the arguments presented in the trial was the alleged sexual affair, revealed in 2020, that Heard had with Delavigne and Musk, while she was married to the protagonist of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’.

To demonstrate the infidelity, Depp resorted to the videos of the security cameras of the elevator of the building where he lived with his ex-partner, in which it is evident how the actress goes to the penthouse in the company of the businessman.

Additionally, the English medium ‘Daily Mail’ published some images of a woman very similar to Delevingne going up to the same floor and through the same elevator in which Musk and Heard were seen.


Given this, the building’s chief counselor, Trinity Corrine Esparza, claimed in 2017 that she had seen the three celebrities together going to the penthouse while Depp was not there.

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“I saw them go up and down the elevator over and over again (…) Cara went up and down and then Elon and Amber went up and down,” said the official.

Another person who testified in favor of the actor’s arguments was Josh Drew, the ex-husband of one of Heard’s best friends, Rocky Pennington, and the ex-partner’s neighbor. Drew stated that showed that there was a relationship between the tycoon, the model and the actress.

The statements of those involved

In 2019, A source close to the businessman who owns Tesla denied Musk’s involvement in the casesaying that the story had been “nonsense, a soap opera”, so he and the programmer said they would not talk about it again.

For his part, neither Delevingne nor his manager have decided to comment on the matter. It was believed that the model was going to be called to trial, but due to the pandemic and the change in the order of the litigation, this was not the case.

Who was called to testify was the ‘Spiderman’ actor James Franco, with whom it is also presumed that Heard was unfaithful to Depp.

On the other hand, The actor has asked the judge that the conversations between Musk and his ex-wife be taken into account in the trial as evidence of infidelity.

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Elon Musk

The richest man in the world has been affected by the economic situation.

The makeup that denied Heard’s arguments

Recently, the actress’s lawyer stated in court that her client had used makeup to cover the wounds and blows that her ex-partner had left on her face.

To do this, the official showed a palette of correctors from the Milani brand, which would serve to neutralize the color of the bruises.

However, through its official Instagram account, the brand denied the lawyer’s arguments.

The attacks would have taken place in 2016 and the product went on sale until the end of 2017, so it would be impossible for him to have used the palette for those dates.

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