Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck: reveal when their wedding could be

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Bennifer 2.0 could be close to the altar! A source close to Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck revealed that the “Bronx Diva” can not wait any longer to get married.

In an interview for Us Weekly magazine, a close friend of the couple revealed that JLo can no longer wait for what she left unfinished 17 years ago, so she would like to get married this summer. The insider added that the 52-year-old Marry Me star “wants the formalities to get out of the way so they can start their journey as husband and wife as soon as possible.”

Just as the source emphasized again, as an informant would do weeks before to the media OK! Magazine that Jennifer Lopez wants a big wedding: “She definitely wants a spectacular celebration at some point and money won’t be an issue!”

However, weeks before it was revealed that this could be a problem as The “Batman” actor prefers a small ceremony with his closest family and friends.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck willing to make it work

To which the source added this time for Us Weekly which will certainly be something they can work out: “They are both committed to making this work and to taking whatever steps are necessary to respect each other’s boundaries and learn from their mistakes last time.”

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck sparked reconciliation rumors in April of last year, days after she announced her breakup with former baseball player Alex Rodriguez.

Months later, JLo during the celebrations for her 52nd birthday officially announced her relationship with the actor. Since then both They have performed at important events, are seen walking with their children and even bought a mansion that they are remodeling together.

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