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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are one of the most beloved couples in the world of entertainment and since they made their return official as boyfriends (and now engaged) thousands of fans have been delighted with their romance.

However, the absence of their romance on social networks does not mean that they hide their love. Bennifer, as the couple’s fans have baptized them, are not afraid to show how in love they appear in public.

Holding hands, sharing complicit glances, smiles, whispers in the ear and even tender kisses have characterized their appearances at festivals, awards, red carpets, movie premieres and other gala events.

These signs of affection are also constant in their day to day life, where their caresses are usually captured by paparazzi who immortalize their daily romance, as happened recently.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck had a romantic encounter at Soho House, California

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s outpouring of love is so spontaneous that a simple wait in a parking lot can have several “highlights” of the affection that is dedicated between the two, as they demonstrated on May 24, 2022 in the parking lot of Soho House, in West Hollywood, California.

From the moment Jennifer walked towards her fiancé, the smiles and the drive to be close were evident.

After hugging, the couple exchanged a brief and tender kiss on the lips, while the actor surrounded the singer with his arms.

In fact, being together and holding each other, was the posture that Beniffer maintained for a time: simply enjoying their closeness.

These types of simple, but at the same time very beautiful displays of love, are not exclusive to their outings alone, but rather the couple does not hesitate to hug, kiss and share smiles when they are with their loved ones, as happened a week when they went out to lunch with Max, the son of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony.

On that occasion, kisses and smiles that spill honey were also the order of the day.

Simple and romantic moments like these have characterized Jennifer and Ben’s relationship, who day by day show that their love remains constant and strong.

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