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Johnny Depp and Amber Heard They are starring in a trial for defamation that is currently taking place in Fairfax, Virginia, in which several chapters of their private lives, as well as their relationship, have come to light.

On this occasion, one of the data that was revealed this Tuesday at the hearing was the amount of money that the actress who plays the character of Mere on the aquaman franchisebelonging to the world of DC.

In accordance with Richard Marksexpert in areas of entertainment law, Amber could win up to four million dollars (the equivalent of 79.4 million pesos) if Warner Bros. decides to continue working hand in hand with the actress and participates in ‘Aquaman 3′.

However, Marks pointed out that, being a supporting role in the film, you could do without the character and, therefore, of the actress; In any case, the most convenient thing would be to rescue Heard so that he could leave, according to what was declared in the trial.

“It is incomparable. Jason Momoa IS Aquaman. Chris Pine IS Captain Kirk. Gal Gadot IS Wonder Woman. Zendaya IS from the Spiderman franchise and IS known outside of it. Amber can’t compare”, expressed Marks when questioned about the importance of the actress within the world of Hollywood and, specifically, of superhero franchises.

They deny one of Johnny Depp’s attacks

On the other hand, during the hearing held this Tuesday, the filmmaker morgan night testified on behalf of Johnny Depp to share his version of an ‘incident’ at the hotel Hicksville Trailer Palacea site owned by Night for 10 years.

In 2013, the actor couple, who were not married at the time, spent a night there; the actor of Pirates of the Caribbean He was accused of raping his ex-wife on the site, but Morgan dismissed such a statement, mentioning that he was with them all night and that, who became jealous and aggressive, was the actress.

“How can you remember something that happened 7 years ago?” Heard’s defense questioned to try to dissuade the testimony, to which Night replies: “I remember a lot of things. Y that happened 9 years ago, not 7″.

They also asked him if any of the people who are part of Depp’s defense had given him any information before presenting his testimony: “no, I just wonder (The lawyer) because of my work experience and asked me to tell the truth“, revealed.

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