Graphologist MaryFer Centeno analyzes Johnny Depp and Amber Heard at trial; this was what she said

The trial for defamation of Johnny Depp to his ex-partner Amber Heard has caused controversy among Internet users for trying to find out who is lying, after the star of “Aquaman” accused the actor of committing domestic violence against him and that he pointed out that he has never hit a woman, that, on the contrary, he is the one who suffered aggression from the actress.

The truth is that his statements, postures and gestures in the trial have tipped the balance towards the actor and the graphologist Mary Fer Centeno Analyze why this happens.

“I see a Johnny Depp who has improved a lot in terms of his non-verbal communication, for example, we saw him disheveled and desperate at first and now we see him with his hair pulled back, more relaxed and greeting the public, which tells us about this great social intelligence, has played his cards very well. He has also laughed during the trial, he is sensitive and vulnerable, and the masses love to see someone like that, it generates empathy”, he pointed out.

However, with heard the opposite happens because since his body movements are different, he feels superior to everyone and that is not accepted by the public in the same way. “From his jaw movement, he always raises it and that indicates superiority. In addition, she is very changeable, she goes from laughing to crying, she cries without tears and shows her teeth… That speaks of the desperation that she has, because she feels humiliated.


There are six possible scenarios. In the first two heard win: one option is that I won the 100 million dollars for which he countersued Depp. The other is that she emerges victorious, but receives less money. There are also the scenarios where Johnny Depp convince the jury and win the 50 million dollars for which he sued his former partner for defamation. Or she could win, but get a lower amount.

The last two conclusions of the case is that neither receives the compensation they ask for or finally that they reach an out-of-court settlement.


Johnny Depp

  • It is divided into two lines: it is always in conflict between what it is and what it should be.
  • Constant crossings: being in the middle zone, he talks about how cruel he is to himself. He feels guilty about everything that happens and this will take him away.
  • He seeks to evade reality, he is melancholic and even becomes depressive.
  • Gothic style in his lyrics: he is an extremely passionate and sexual person.
  • Readable: This constant search for clarity, certainty, and feeling like you’re going to a safe place.
  • Number 8: talk about the economic intelligence you have.

Amber Heard

  • Small writing, indicating that in his private life he prefers to keep a low profile.
  • United letter, it is intuitive and has a great power of persuasion.
  • A giant: reflects his urgent need to stand out, to be the center of attention, which he achieves, but not in the way he would like.
  • Linear: shows his neurosis, but is aware of reality. She is a more intelligent than normal woman, she has great mental agility and thinks fast.
  • Knot at the end: it’s the way she has to self-sabotage and how obsessive she is.
  • Numbers: some digits are observed, which also speaks of their economic intelligence.


Camille Vasquezthe actor’s lawyer, surprised the audience with his defense at the trial, so Depp thanked them for their support, however, the public understood that there is something more between them than a working relationship and Rye explains if her posture gives her away.

“Camille’s body language is one of happiness, infatuation, flirtation and illusion. Leaving court she seemed eager to talk and when questioned about her, she laughs nodding her head. In the trial they already have mirror gestures (although they have their backs turned, they are seen with the same attitude and enthusiasm), which speaks of a great chemistry between the two of them, “she explained.

“It strikes me that we have seen Heard’s great clumsiness in the trial and her signature shows that she is a great manipulator,” he said.


  • They met in 2012 on the set of the movie The Rum Diary.
  • In March 2014 they announced their engagement.
  • In February 2015 they were married, they had two ceremonies: the first at Depp’s house in Los Angeles and the second on Depp’s private island in the Bahamas.
  • In May 2016, Heard filed for divorce and a restraining order. That’s where the accusations of mistreatment began.
  • In August 2016 they divorced.
  • In December 2018, Heard wrote an article describing herself as “a public figure representing family abuse.”
  • In March 2019, Depp sued Amber for defamation.
  • In August 2020, Amber sued.
  • On April 11, the trial began.


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Shaken at the trial of Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard: Kate Moss will take the stand and testify


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