Fortnite Pro Player declares himself “proudly racist” in response to controversy over a video showing his collection of weapons

Although it is not common, tending to communities and brands doing everything possible to end any racist or hateful behavior, there are many gamers who, even being “professionals”, show that this is an undeserved title, since they are not up to par. .

The best example is what just happened with Nick Sin’s Fornite pro player, who had racist comments, after being seen in a video, showing a collection of weapons and ammunition, indicating that he had that weaponry, in case a problem arose. case of a “black outbreak” or a “zombie apocalypse”.

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the video was published on Twitter by content creator Jake Lucky, a post that had several replies and mentions, including one asking what the clip was about, to which Sin responded with racial slurs, even defending his position by saying, “I’m proudly racist.”

Unsurprisingly, Sin quickly deleted his Twitter account, though obviously to no avail because he was still there are several captures of screenshots of his tweets, which continue to be shared on the social network.

The player had recently qualified for the final of the Fortnite Champion Series tournament, where he would participate with a partner in the duos cup, who has now distanced himself from Sin after the video and his tweets went viral.

The situation has generated quite a bit of controversy because, despite the fact that several media have contacted Epic Games and even some streamers have published on the subject, asking for the player to be eliminated from the tournament, so far the company has not given any public response, for which apparently the player would be part of the tournament anyway.

It is undoubtedly a situation that causes discomfort and should not be taken lightly at all, thinking about the recent massacre that left 10 dead in the United States, precisely in a racial crime, something that Sin declares to be proud to be.

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