Fortnite: Moon Knight and Wu-Tang Clan are coming to Fortnite!

Fortnite has gained his third wind after activating a No Build modewell, curiously, the element that made it different from other battle royale shooters seems to also make it one of the most uncomfortable and the reason why many players abandoned it. Now that a good percentage of them decided to return and that others have been encouraged to try the game, Epic Games can take advantage of and increase more often the Already a long list of collaborations.

This time it is about a character who by now had become obligated: the long underestimated Moon Knightthat has gained a very good relevance thanks to its series in Disney+. And it will also activate some outfits inspired by a new musical collaboration, now with Wu Tang Clan.

What does the Moon Knight skin include?

It is a fairly simple package: in addition to the skin you can get the backpacking accessory Moon Knight Cloak and the beak Crescent Darts to collect material. However, the skin has two different aspects, you can play with the version of Marc Spector (Moon Knight) or Steven Grant (Mr. Knight).

moon knight fortnite

Everything included in the Moon Knight bundle.Epic Games.

What does the Wu-Tang Clan skin include?

This is a bit more abundant. Instead of making skins of the members of the Clan (so we now know that it will not be part of the Idol Series), there will be two complete packages: the Throwback BG Outfit and the BRITE Outfit.

The Throwback BG will include the backpack WUWEAR Worldwide and the Neck Protector peak. The backpack is music reactive, while the pickaxe has a hit reaction. Both come in an alternate style Ruckus Red. While the outfit BRITE will include the Wu-Tang Represent backpack and the Triumphant Tagger pickaxe. The first one also reacts to music, but the pickaxe creates a path of paint when you shake it in the air. Both will also come with the alternate style Ruckus Red.

wu tang fortnite

The Wu-Tang Throwback BG Pack.Epic Games.

In addition to these items, the glider will also be available in the Game Store Shimmy Surfer, the Wu Weapon Wrap, and an emote called Wu-Tang is Forever, plus two emotes, a banner logo, and a loading screen.

wu tang fortnite

The Wu-Tang Clan BRITE Pack.Epic Games.

When will the Moon Knight skin arrive in Fortnite?

The skin is already available in the game store, but its permanence is uncertain. Surely it will not happen this penultimate weekend of April, so we recommend you get it as soon as possible.

When will the Wu-Tang skins arrive in Fortnite?

This collaboration will be available in the in-game store from April 23. It will most likely last about a week in the store (if not longer). So hip hop fans will have plenty of time to gather their V-Bucks and represent the Clan in the fighting on the Island.

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