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Mining is a very important part of Minecraft, but you won’t be able to do it if you don’t keep your work tools in good condition. In this sense, the anvil is an object that you must have in your home to make certain objects and do maintenance works. Then I tell you how to make it and use it.

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The anvil in Minecraft: an indispensable complement

The manufacture of an anvil is not too complex, although you must have the same type of material treated in different ways: x4 iron ingots Y x3 iron blocks. To get these materials you need to mine iron and then treat it in the furnace, you can see where to find iron and how to craft and use the furnace in their dedicated guides.

minecraft anvil

Once you have the materials, create the anvil and open the menu. There are three utilities for this object:

  • Repair damaged tools, armor and weapons: Match two items of the same type to stack their durabilities.
  • Combine multiple enchantments. I recommend you take a look at the Minecraft enchantment guide.
  • Rename certain objects.

And what is the difference with respect to the sharpener? The use of the sharpener is limited to repair with a slight durability bonuswhile the anvil also allows you to rename and combine enchantments on said items.

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