Bully Ray proposes a new Championship for WWE

Currently, WWE has 10 championships active on the main roster, counting the unified ones separately. Some people think that there are some that are not being used well, as is the case of the Intercontinental and the United States, two titles that in the past had a good deal.

One of these people is bully raywho touched on this matter on “Busted Open Radio,” where he brought up an idea about a new championship that would be based on its defense in every week. Bully Ray already launched this idea a while ago, but bringing NXT into the equation.

Maybe they should get rid of the US and Intercontinental titles, but I would love for them to do what I’ve been talking about for a long time – the Ironhorse Championship, Ironman, Ironwoman – a talent that fights every week on RAW and SmackDown. Back in the day, when I thought about this, I said fight on RAW, NXT and SmackDown. Obviously NXT is now definitely a development brand, so I’m going to take NXT out of the equation. I want to see this person wrestle on RAW and SmackDown.”

Do you know who would be a great fighting champion? A guy like Ciampa, a guy like RicochetA guy who can go out every night and have big, big matches on TV. ‘Who are you? I am not the world champion, but I am the best fighter for 15 minutes on television. That’s what the championship would represent.”

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