Britney Spears’ fiancé surprises by “appearing” in a Pixar movie

Sam Asghari is an Iranian model who also doubles as an actor, singer, and personal trainer. However, few knew that his favorite car is the same one used by Bob, or Mr. Incredible in the animated superhero movie.

Britney Spears she lives a ‘rebirth’ in her life since a court separated her from her father’s guardianship. The ’90s pop star announced her pregnancy a few days ago along with her boyfriend and fiancé. Sam Asghari28-year-old Iranian model and actor, thirteen years younger than the interpreter of world hits like “Baby one more time” either “toxic”.

Asghari has roles worthy of a romantic movie main character: actor, singer, model, personal trainer and with a past as a football player. The “couple” met in 2016 during the recording of the video clip of “Slumber Party”. Since then, they have become inseparable and are about to get married after getting engaged in September 2021.

What few know about this actor/model/singer/trainer, and stop counting, is that he drives in the same car as Bob, or Mr Incredible, father of the family “The Incredibles”, the animated superhero movie. The Tehran-born posted a photo on his personal Instagram where he humorously takes the comparison.

Find the differences

Asghari wrote in the photo where he is seen aboard a Ford Mustang identical to the animated character. According to a worldwide macro-survey among lovers of ‘four wheels’, this model is the classic favorite of all fans thanks to a vintage aesthetic but with touches of modernity.

Since its ‘birth’ in 1964 it has become an essential for car collectors. Its success has reached the point that up to five different generations have been manufactured. to continue extending a brand that is far from expiring in time. The one driven by Britney’s fiancé -and Mr. Incredible- is a second-generation model that fetches $70,000.

+ The photo everyone is talking about

Mr. Incredible’s car

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