Billie Eilish confesses: “I have Tourette’s syndrome”

B.illie Eilish has Tourette’s syndrome, and, for the first time, he talked about it openly on TV. Guest from David Letterman for the presentation of his show My Next Guest Needs No Introduction on Netflix, the young artist decided to explain how do you live with this pathology that she has been diagnosed with when he was 11 years old.

Billie Eilish and Tourette’s Syndrome: “It’s exhausting”

With Tourette’s syndrome, Billie Eilish she had to do the math since she was a child. When she was eleven, in fact, she got the diagnosis. And since then she hasn’t been able to hide it anymore.

Speaking to David Letterman for his Netflix show My Next Guest Needs No Introductionthe record artist explained: «I am very happy to be able to talk about this and to answer the questions. It is very, very interesting“.

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And he continued: “If you take me back long enough, you will see many tics. The main ones, which I do continuously, all day, are move your ear back and forth, raise your eyebrow and snap your jaw. You don’t notice them if we’re talking quietly, but for me they are really exhausting“.

Confiding in Letterman, the singer (who in recent months has conquered an Oscar and a Golden Globe) explained that many people laugh when they see her tics, because they imagine that she does it voluntarily, to make them smile. Instead, these uncontrolled movements are a simple consequence of Tourette’s syndrome.

People usually react by laughingbecause he thinks I want to be funny and that the tic is a joke. I get terribly offended every time“.

Billie Eilish, the terrible Covid experience:

Billie Eilish, the terrible Covid experience:

When he sings, the tics are significantly reduced

These ticsHowever, in certain contexts they are significantly reduced. An example? When the artist goes on horseback. But most of all when on stageengaged in one of his live explosives.

This aspect, as well as the “forced” coexistence with the disease in all these years, have allowed her to accept it more: “It’s not that I like it, but now I feel like it’s part of me. We became friends, ”she explained.

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Billie Eilish concluded her talk with David Letterman by telling of not be the only artist to suffer from this disorder in the music industry. Even a couple of artists would have gone to her, to confide that they have the same pathology as her. But she assured: “I’m not going to say who I am, because they don’t want to talk about it“.


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