Beyond Meat: Kim Kardashian becomes Chief Taste Consultant of the company

It seems that Kim Kardashian, strong in her being almost vegetarian, has become Chief Taste Consultant of Beyond Meat.

It is confirmed: it will be Kim Kardashian the new Chief Taste Consultant from Beyond Meat. Kardashian shared a video on her social media of her: here she explains what her role will be in the meat-not-meat company.

Its title could translate as “Chief Taste Consultant”: Kim Kardashian explained that eating without meat is better for the planet. And in fact she has become for two years now vegetarian (although not strict). So who better than her to taste Beyond Meat’s dishes and provide her precious suggestions? Well, a lot of other people, maybe even those who study nutrition or the like, those who understand organoleptics, but it is undeniable that his base of followers is very tempting to companies.

Kim Kardashian said she was highly inspired by Beyond Meat’s mission and is thrilled to share plant-based products of the company with all of us as Chief Taste Consultant. He later admitted that he believed so much in Beyond Meat’s mission that he decided to help them with his greatest asset: his taste for him.

Kardashian then went on to argue that switch from animal to vegetable meat it means positively influencing the planet, the environment, the climate and ourselves.

In the video you can see Kim Kardashian with light blonde hair in the style of Elsa from Frozen eating sausages and fried chicken meat not meat, all with a tight black sleeveless dress and an ecstatic expression that actually reminds us of other performances than to those typical of a taster of dishes (unless she is a fan of the manga Food Warsbut this is not known).

Kim Kardashian and Beyond Meat

Returning to the question of how one can be a non-strict vegetarian, it is easy to say: in his reality show The Kardashians on Hulu, explained that he allows himself to eat meat only occasionally (in short, a bit like the mayor of New York does: Eric Adams professes himself vegan, but then he is punctually pinched while eating fish).

Actually it looks like Kim has decided to reduce meat consumption over the last few years because she hoped to become slimmer (apparently she did, even if it wasn’t enough to close the back of Marilyn Monroe’s dress worn on the Met Gala red carpet).

Ah: his approach to losing weight has also contemplated the abdio of sugars and carbohydratesas well as starting to lift weights, which she considered more useful than cardio activity.

However, not all doctors and dieticians agree with this choice: according to Dr. Deborah Salvatore of Long Island University in New York, this type of diet can backfire. When you get bored and go back to the old diet, you always end up quickly regaining all the weight lost, even adding an extra dose.

But who knows what Kim Kardashian thinks about the fact that her ex Kanye West has started redesigning McDonald’s packaging? While she is dedicated to non-meat meat, he has decided to opt to partner with real meat burgers and fries.

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