Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez towards marriage: “She wants a spectacular celebration”

Jennifer Lopez is considering marriage to Ben Affleck and dreams of a “spectacular celebration” to crown the love that binds her to her partner.

The plans for the marriage from Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck begin to take shape and a source told Us Weekly that the Puerto Rican singer and actress wants to start a “spectacular celebration“.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have not yet set the wedding date, as Us Weekly reports, but it may not be long before the “Bennifers” finally arrive at the altar. Waiting to find out details on what will be one of the most talked about events internationally, a source spoke to the magazine and explained where the couple is with regards to planning the ceremony. To date we can certainly say that, if Lopez gets her way, it will not be a modest event or for a few close friends.

For the uninitiated, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck dated for the first time from 2002 to 2004 and announced the wedding before canceling everything in September 2003. They attributed this choice to the intrusiveness of the media around the event: “Due to the excessive media attention surrounding our wedding, we have decided to postpone the date“, they shared in a note, adding:”When we seriously found ourselves thinking about hiring three separate ‘bait brides’ in three different locations, we realized something was wrong. We began to feel that the spirit of what should have been the happiest day of our life could be undermined. We felt that what should have been a joyful and sacred day could be ruined for us, our families and our friends.“.

Now, decades later, Lopez wants something big. “He definitely wants a spectacular celebration and money won’t be an issue!“the source said, adding:”They are both committed to accomplishing this and taking all necessary steps to respect each other’s boundaries and learn from their past mistakes. Jennifer will tell you that she is in no rush to get married, but her friends think otherwise. The truth is, if Ben were to take this project forward this summer, she would totally agree. She wants formalities lifted so they can start their journey as husband and wife as soon as possible“.

In February, Lopez spoke to People about Affleck and her hopes to spend the rest of her life with him. “I just want my future to be filled with love and happiness, with my children and my partner“he said, adding:”I think everyone just wants to be happy, with someone to travel with and grow old with, and I feel good about that right now.“.

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