Anne Hathaway swept Cannes with her look: the best red carpet outfits

The Cannes Film Festival is an artistic event dedicated to cinema, takes place in France in the city of the same name, it is attended by several celebrities, producers and directors to present their new projects audiovisual. This year’s edition started last Tuesday may 17th and will end the following Saturday 28.

The actress Anne Hathaway came from the early days for the premiere of his next period drama ‘Armageddon Time’, his participation was one of the most acclaimed, since he used different costumes made by exclusive brands. Specialized critics praised her debut at this festival and her time at the Red carpet.

The protagonist of ‘The Devil Wears Fashion’ flew to Europe from the set of the film ‘She Come To Me’ which is being filmed in New York, in which he will share the scene with Peter Dinklage, Marisa Tomei, Brian d’Arcy James and Joanna Kulig. It was mentioned that she is one of the main stars of this movie.


the actress of 39 years appeared last Thursday, May 19, in a sparkly short dress, created by luxury fashion house Gucci. Design-wise, she wore a blue bustier navy blue with pointed cups and wide straps, which in turn connected with a high black skirt with details flashy.

For this photocall, Anne complemented her outfit with glasses cat eyes in the style of the 70’s; according to fashion experts, her hairstyle with crepe, wavy locks and chocolate tone is a clear reference to the 80’s era, that’s how she looked for a way to pay homage to the production that she will present in this festival.

She explained that before choosing from her looks, analyzed the past installments of this event: “You know, I’ve never been in Cannes, and I’ve been watching how develop the film festival craze for a couple of decades. And I’ve noticed certain things that you can never make a mistake”, responded in an interview for People magazine.

Later, for the red carpet, the star of “Diary of a Princess” wore a white Armani Privé two-piece dress, it was strapless and adorned with a shawl that showed their shoulders. She also wore a 107.15 royal blue sapphire necklace made by a jewelry recognized.

“A never fails little glitter. It never fails for something that looks elegant and glamorous, but feels very, very comfortable. And I noticed that many of my favorite actresses had their first experience wearing all white,” commented the Oscar winner: “So that that’s what I did.”

Hathaway was introduced as the new global ambassador for Bulgarian, and commented that, to achieve this result, he worked with the stylist erin walsh. During this parade, she walked with her husband Adam Shulman.

The same posed with the actor Jeremy Strongwith whom he co-stars in the film ‘Armageddon Time’, directed by James Grey, which focuses on the life of the filmmaker himself growing up in the American neighborhood of queens in the 1980s.

In addition to the clothes she wore for the photo shoot, the ‘Princess of Genovia’ also wore a metallic floral two-piece suit designed by Schiaparelli, and a textured brown mini dress designed by Louis Vuitton.

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