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The film directed by James Cameron is about Jack Dawson and Rose DeWitt Bukater, a couple who are on opposite sides of the social spectrum, but by fate they meet on the Titanic and end up falling in love, although their love is destined for tragedy by the imminent sinking of the ship upon colliding with an iceberg.

The theory in question comes from 2013 on Reddit and provides evidence about Jack’s time travel status and, although many could be refuted as simple continuity or story errors, with a director as meticulous as Cameron it is difficult to believe that have been mistakes.

Jack’s mission was to make sure the Titanic sank.

This theory says that the purpose for which Jack was sent to 1912 was to ensure that the events of the Titanic occurred as history marks it, with the sinking when hitting an iceberg; that is why he prevented Rose from jumping overboard and thus the ship continued on her course.

The fact that Jack traveled to save Rose and knew exactly where to be to prevent her suicide means that at some point in the story she did jump and the consequences for the future are catastrophic, so someone is sent to that point to prevent it.

The original theory even mentions that being a film directed by James Cameron would be connected to another of his tapes: ‘Terminator’. Since Rose would be the grandmother of John Connor and with her death, her mother Sarah and this savior of humanity in the war against the machines would not exist.

Proof that Jack is a time traveler in ‘Titanic’

It all starts with the way Jack wins Titanic tickets in a game of poker and lacks any identifying paper. This can be explained by his poverty condition, but it also coincides with the fact that when traveling in time he arrives in 1912 with nothing, as seen in the ‘Terminator’ tapes where travelers arrive naked at their temporary destination. .

When Jack meets Rose and stops her from committing suicide, he tells her about his love of fishing on Lake Wissota; the problem is that this artificial body of water did not exist until 1917, five years after the sinking of the Titanic.

Another detail that reveals the origin of Jack’s future is when they meet at the bow of the ship and make the famous scene in which they shout “I’m the king of the world”, but in his talk Jack makes the mistake of saying that he would like to take Rose to the roller coaster on the Santa Monica Pier, which in 1912 did not yet exist.

Other small details that reveal him as a man out of time are the fact that he uses a backpack that was not in common use until 1930, in addition to the fact that he has a different hairstyle from the one used at the time and, finally, the filtered cigarettes that smokes did not exist until 1940.

Jack didn’t want Rose to rescue him.

Preventing Rose from changing the ship’s course was already assured, so once Jack was framed for stealing jewelry from Rose and is handcuffed to one of the ship’s cabins, he seems to no longer care so much about what happens; However, the time traveler did not expect that an enamored Rose would come back to try to save him.

If the theory that she needs to survive as Sarah Connor’s mother is true, when Jack sees Rose come back to save him, his mission to keep her alive is activated again and he won’t be separated from her again until they survive the sinking.

I knew I fit in the door with Rose

The scene in the film that has perhaps been most discussed since its release is after the sinking of the Titanic, when the pair find a piece of driftwood floating in the icy water and Jack insists that Rose be the only one on board.

Although this kills him from hypothermia and ends up falling to the bottom of the sea, the theory that Jack traveled to the past to save Rose says that with this he fulfilled his mission and always knew that he had to die in the water, since that’s how he made sure to erase any presence of his in the past.

Even with the last words that Jack says to Rose, he assures her that she will be fine, that she will die of old age and that she will have many children, he also asks her to stay alive, knowing that she is essential for the future.

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