WWE 2K23 would already be in development

During the last few months there have been many rumors about the possible breakup of WWE with 2K after the poor results of WWE 2K20. However, with WWE 2K22, the situation would have changed, and according to the words of Strauss Zelnick, CEO of 2K, WWE 2K23 would already be in development.

At the recent 2K quarterly investor meeting, Zelnick revealed a number of facts about the success of 2K22 and talked about the success of 2K22.The future between 2K and the wrestling company. These were his statements:

“March 11th, 2K and Visual Concepts triumphantly returned to the ring with the highly anticipated release of WWE 2K22, which achieved the highest Metacritic scores on the XBOX and PlayStation platforms in franchise history.”

“Notably, the sales of WWE 2K22 in their first four weeks they exceeded the levels reached by WWE 2K19 and WWE 2K20despite not having the release window during the Christmas season”.

“I would like to thank 2K and the WWE team at Visual Concepts for their dedication to re-establishing this incredible franchise. We greatly appreciate WWE’s tremendous support during this year’s video game launch, and we hope to continue and use as our basis successful partnership for years to come“.

Several weeks ago, Stephanie McMahon, as a WWE representative, also discussed the success of WWE 2K22 at WWE’s Q1 2022 financial results conference, and in recent months WWE and 2K have made public their good relationship through social networks.

In addition to the recent words of Strauss Zelnick and Stephanie McMahon, at the same 2K meeting the video game release schedule for the year 2023 was published, and WWE 2K23 was listed as a future release for fiscal year 2023. Thus, WWE 2K23 will launch between next October 1 and September 30, 2023.

Before 2K22, WWE games were normally released between October and November, but with the success of the change for the launch of WWE 2K22 (and due to development timing), Presumably, the new game in the franchise will be out in March.before WrestleMania.

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