Will Smith’s premonition that warned him of his future before the Oscars

ANDhe past March 28, in the middle of the gala of the Oscarone of the most shocking images of recent times was produced: Will Smith got up and slapped Chris Rock, while he was doing a monologue and made fun of the alopecia of Jada Pinkett Smith.

A scene that left everyone speechless and that, logically, had fatal consequences for the protagonist of ‘I’m legend‘. Postponement of premieres, public opinion divided between those who supported this gesture and others who condemned it. On the part of the academy, it is forbidden to enter the events that are held in the next ten years.

According to the actor he had a hallucination

Now, Will Smith has grabbed all the headlines again for some statements he has made to ‘My Next Guess Needs No Introduction’, presented by David Letterman. Will claimed that, on one occasion, he had a hallucination that allowed him to see the future of his career and his life in general collapsing.

This premonition came after have consumed illicit substances: “I drank it, and it usually takes about 45 minutes for me to hit you. I was sitting there and even though I thought he wouldn’t hit me, Suddenly I saw my money fly away, my house fly away and my career fly away”. The substance in question was ayahuasca.

Wil Smith: “I stopped worrying about my career”

However, what is most disturbing about this hallucination is the way in which his daughter Willow was presented to him. “Then slowly I stopped worrying about my money, I just wanted to catch up with Willow, and I stopped worrying about my house.and I stopped worrying about my career,” said Will Smith.

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