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The actor has been honest and has reflected on his life in a special documentary that has reminded us of some of his best films that can be seen on streaming platforms.

Talk about Val Kilmer is to talk about one of the most recognizable actors of the late eighties and nineties. We have been able to remember him with the premiere of his documentary Val, where he reviews his film career as well as his personal difficulties, including his laryngeal cancer, which was diagnosed in 2015. The documentary is an opportunity to once again keep in mind some of his great works.

Kilmer has had many important roles, and a few films that have become completely legendary. Today we look back at six of the best of those iconic films, all available for retrieval on streaming platforms. streaming. A testament to his remarkable time in Hollywood.

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‘Top Secret!’ (1984)

He could not have had a better debut on the big screen, being the protagonist of an exquisite parody of spy films such as Top-Secret!. Kilmer oozed charisma and comedic flair in this classic gem from the trio of Jim Abrahams, David Zucker and Jerry Zucker, known for their humorous caricatures of genres like Land As You Can.

Here Kilmer plays one of the great stars of the rock&roll American, which is headed to East Germany to be the great attraction of a cultural festival. But his participation is part of a studied plan to cover up the reunification of the divided Germanys, for which he will respond by joining the French resistance movement. A hilarious and entertaining movie.

You can see it on Filmin.

‘Top Gun (Idols of the air)’ (1986)

It is no coincidence that, in addition to the documentary, we will be able to see him again on screen with Top Gun: Maverick. His appearance in the first Top Gun (Idols of the air) is one of the strengths of this classic Tony Scottbeing almost at the height of the supreme star of Tom Cruise in this film.

top gun that’s all an action movie hit from the eighties, doing incredible high-flying sequences along with Cruise’s young lead’s journey of learning. Adding memorable moments like the volleyball game or a legendary soundtrack, the film remains highly entertaining and iconic.

You can see it in hbo max.

Willow (1988)

Another of his most remembered roles is as the seasoned swordsman Madmartigan, the most conventional hero in this unique fantasy that is Willowfrom Ron Howard. One of those pure fantasy films, with swords and sorcery, which is one of those that best stands the test of time compared to other classics of the time.

An evil sorceress queen orders all the pregnant women in the kingdom to be imprisoned to preempt a prophecy that tells of how a girl about to be born will end her reign. But one of the prisoners manages to give birth and the midwife flees with the newborn, although she has to let her go in a cradle floating in the river. She thus she will arrive at a town, where a brave dwarf named Willow will adopt her and try to protect her.

You can see it on Disney+.

Heat (1995)

Heat is an absolute classic of heist cinema, carried out by the living legend of Michael Mann. Here the main duel is between the thief of Robert DeNiro and the police Al Pacinobut Kilmer manages to have an important role as one of the robbers of the gang, earning his place on the poster alongside the two titans.

The film takes us into the underworld of the city of Los Angeles, where crooks and cops engage in a meticulous and dangerous game of cat and mouse. Both protagonists Pacino and De Niro play consummate professionals who see the physical and emotional cost of doing their jobs. Their confrontation reaches its greatest heights in an iconic conversation in a cafeteria and in one of the best shot robberies in the history of cinema.

You can watch it on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

Batman Forever (1995)

Having to relieve Michael Keaton as The dark knight and following the successful trail of Tim Burton, Kilmer had a tough ballot with Batman Forever. Despite the controversial reception, Val donned the tights with confidence and poise, without giving up the fun spirit that the film requires.

Joel Schumacher’s film changed the darkness of its predecessors for a more fun tone, casual and clearly heir to the touch camp from the television series Adam West. valued from there batmanforever it’s terrific entertainment, with charismatic villains and a good sense of wonder. A misunderstood version of the character that is impossible to see today with so many “serious” versions.

You can see it on HBO Max.

‘Kiss Kiss Bang Bang’ (2005)

In the first decade of the 21st century he had to accept more secondary roles, but he was able to bring something special to those roles. As it was in the case of kiss kiss bang banga fabulous thriller neo noir full of black comedy that vindicated Robert Downey Jr. and that marked the directorial debut of the brilliant action screenwriter Shane Black.

Downey plays a petty thief, Harry Lockhart, who, trying to escape from the police after stealing a toy to give to his nephew, gets into a casting to play a detective. He makes a big impression, and is sent to Los Angeles to research and prepare for the role alongside a real detective, played by Kilmer. An exquisite game of trickery and cheekiness.

You can see it on Movistar +.

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