Tom Cruise terrifies James Corden by flying a fighter jet at his side [video] | News

Tom Cruise and TV presenter James Corden surprised their fans with an unforgettable show, in which the actor showed off his amazing skills piloting a private jet, a World War II fighter jet and a fighter jet, as part of the promoting his latest movie Top Gun: Maverick.

The world of Hollywood already knew of the actor’s skills, being himself in charge of piloting several of the jets used in his new blockbuster.

However, this was not a reason for the surprise to be great when seeing the protagonist of Mission Impossible perform innumerable maneuvers and acrobatics to the rhythm of Danger Zone, a well-known Top Gun musical background performed by Kenny Loggins.

The incombustible actor met Corben at 5:00 am at a landing strip where Cruise arrived piloting a private jet.

After that, both went on a World War II hunt in which the stunts that Cruise improvised gave the popular presenter a hard time, who was silenced on many occasions, with the famous cigarettes so as not to hear his “curses”. ”.

When everything seemed to end, a fighter jet appeared that Cruise also piloted with incredible ease, and the G-forces at which the jet was propelled to more than 10 thousand meters of height, prolonged the nightmare of the host of The Late Late Show.

This is not the first time that the actor submits to Corden with his famous pirouettes, a few years ago, also in connection with the premiere of another of his blockbuster films, Mission Impossible: Fallout, both jumped out of a plane by parachute, being one of the most memorable shows on TV.

The premiere of Top Gun: Maverick will be this Thursday, May 26, and the sequel to Tony Scott’s legendary Top Gun is expected to generate as good an impact as the prequel, which will now have Joseph Kosinski directing.

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