Tom Cruise: his incredible (and very exclusive) collection of watches

Tom Cruise He is one of those men who make us enter into constant contradiction. On the one hand, there are his actions as a Scientologist —which can raise more than one eyebrow among many of us—; and on the other, much stronger, we have his figure as an established actor in the current film industry. And while he doesn’t have one of the most amazing wardrobes on the planet, his style and steadfast taste have made him one of the most recognizable subjects in the entertainment world. Another more than clear dichotomy. However, it is impossible to deny the impact and respect he has in the public; more specifically, that men —an overwhelming majority— have him (above all) in matters of arrangement.

From the aviator jackets he wore, of course, to top gun in 1986; to the most sophisticated suits in its latest installments of Mission Impossiblegoing – of course – through the coats he used to The Firm in 1993 and his flannel shirts in Color of Money. Cruise has given us countless looks for our daily inspiration. And not just when it comes to a cool wardrobe, but what it means to have an enviable collection of watches.

The actor at Cannes 2022.

D.Charriau via Getty Images

During May 2022, Tom Cruise at the Cannes Film Festival was seen walking the red carpets and the streets of such a magical city wearing a prodigious Vacheron Constantin Overseas Perpetual Calendar Ultra-Thin. A piece of Haute Horlogerie that makes us think of the great timepiece archive that the actor has at home and that, without a doubt, you should discover as soon as possible.

Not only to think about the great purchasing power that this man has, but to go back and learn a lot about his style. We seriously believe that after seeing these models you will be full of inspiration, you will have known something new about the world of watchmaking and you will be able to take the style of Tom as a reference for your next acquisitions.

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