This is the trailer for the film with Christian Bale as a villain

Marvel has taken advantage of the fourth game of the Conference Finals of the NBA to unveil the second trailer of his new movie, ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’. The son of Odin, embodied by the actor Chris Hemsworthreturns to the big screen, and this time he does accompanied. In this new installment, the actress Natalie Portman will give life to Jane Fosterwhich will get the same powers that the god of thunder to become mighty thor.

The film will be available in theaters next July 8after the coronavirus delayed its premierewhich was planned for September of the year last.

mix of universes

As on previous occasions, Marvel returns to combine different sagas in the same movie. This time, the ways of Thor and the Guardians of the Galaxy they return to cross. Also, as observed in both the trailer as in the poster of this new installment, the villain of the saga will be again hat the Butcher of Gods (Christian bale).

The director of this new feature film will also remain intactbeing the New Zealander Taika Waititiwho has already directed ‘Thor: Ragnarock’, the person in charge of bringing this film to life. For his part, Russell Crowe, Tessa Thompson Y Jamie Alexander They will embody Zeus, Valkyrie and Lady Sif, respectively.

Powerful Thor, the great novelty

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If for something this stands out new film of Thor is for the return of Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), which in this continuation of the story will adopt the powers of the god of thunder to become mighty thor. Thus, following the line of comics of Marvel, the Israeli actress and Hemsworth will combine to form a duo that promises a show worth seeing in big screen.

For now, the trailer has already shown images in which the characters created by Stan Lee they dispute the ‘Mjolnir’shaped weapon hammer that the superhero of Asgard has always used in his previous battles.

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