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The trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has grabbed headlines in recent weeks, which have been made known details of your relationship prior to your divorce that ended with the actress Aquaman placing a restraining order and claiming in an article to have been victim of domestic violenceso the protagonist of Pirates of the Caribbean he sued her for defamation while she countersued.

Both of them They assure that their careers have been harmed after the scandal. Johnny was cut from the Disney franchise without being able to give Jack Sparrow a farewell, while Amber was ‘cut’ from the sequel starring Jason Momoa. In addition, they have referred various episodes of violenceso we tell you seven moments that stood out.

Heard’s sexual abuse allegations

On his turn on the stand, Heard claimed Depp sexually assaulted her twice. Between sobs, he argued that, in 2015, while he was filming in Australia, her ex-husband allegedly tried to put him a bottle and threatened to cut her facein addition to writing with blood.

“Johnny had the bottle inside me and he put it in me over and over again,” he said. On another occasion she apparently got angry, broke things around and accused her of hiding her cocaine. “He rips off my underwear and then proceeds to do a cavity search. He put his fingers inside me,” Heard claimed.

Amber Heard’s Diagnoses

Two different specialists declared before the judges the disorders and diagnoses they found when examining the actress. the psychologist Dawn Hughes stated that the actress went through post-traumatic stress disorder due to physical and sexual abuse.

For her part, forensic psychologist Shannon Curry diagnosed the actress with borderline personality disorder and histrionic personality disorder.

Photographs as evidence

Both Heard and Depp have shown photographs that would show that they hit each other; both question the veracity of it. One of them was from his Honeymoon and it was shown by Malcolm Connolly, the actor’s bodyguard, who stated that he saw marks that began with scratches and went further.

“He appeared with marks, many of them on his left side: scratches on his neck, maybe a little swelling at the corner of his mouth, a bruise on his eye. It was becoming a regular thing, not every week, but something was definitely going on.”, he detailed.

Heard showed his, when he stated that the actor threw a phone in his face in a confrontation in 2016. Her friend and her makeup artist also testified that she used makeup to hide wounds. “I’m not going to walk around Los Angeles with bruises on my face,” she said.

How did Depp lose a finger?

At the time, Depp pointed out that an accident with a knife had caused him to lose part of his finger. However, physician David Kipper testified that he found the fragment between blood and broken glass, apparently after a strong intense fight in 2015. “He grabbed the bottle and threw it at me. My hand was on the edge of the bar, tilted. At first I felt no pain at all, what I felt was heat,” she confided.

Heard supported the knife version and even called an orthopedic surgeon to testify. According to her, it all happened after the argument where he sexually assaulted her.

pooped her in bed

In 2016, Johnny Depp found something unexpected on his side of the bed, which described as the feces of his then wife. Depp noted that the events occurred the morning after a fight that forced him to leave the penthouse they shared.

Heard denied this version and when questioned pointed out that they had been the dog -of the Yorkshire Terrier breed named Boo- before she attended the Coachella festival. “I didn’t make any jokes, I don’t think that’s funny. I don’t understand what grown woman would. My life was falling apart, I wasn’t in the mood to make jokes”.

The donation that Heard did not make after divorce

The director of operations of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Terence Dougherty, declared that the actress did not pay the entire donation of 3.5 million dollars that he promised to donate after the divorce; instead, she only contributed 350 thousand dollars.

He also confided that he received a email from Elon Musk explaining that the amount would be covered in ten years. He even stressed that he thought part of the payment that has been made came from him so far ($1.3 million) through funding.

Heard’s relationship with Franco and Musk

Two celebrity names have been included among the testimonies, that of James Franco and that of businessman Elon Musk, who Heard claimed to have met at the MET Gala after Depp stood her up. Although Depp’s lawyers insist that he had a Threesome with Cara Delevingneshe says that their relationship started just as a friendship.

Eastern Columbia Building doorman Alejandro Romero spoke about the late night visits from Tesla ownerwho was even given his own remote control and keys.

After announcing a video where Heard appears close to actor James Franco in an elevator the night before he filed for divorce, she accepted it and said that she wanted to vent to her friend because she had already exhausted her other close ones. She also recounted an alleged jealousy incident on a flight in 2014, where Depp kicked her: “I hated James Franco, I hated him.”

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