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In the midst of the media trial that they maintain Amber Heard and Johnny Depp in court of Fairfax, Virginia, has testified as to the motives that led to Warner Bros to cut the role of the actress as Mera in Aquaman 2.

Although it was Heard herself who declared how she saw the scenes modified in her script after Depp’s lawsuit for defamation –for 50 million dollars–, Kathryn Arnold, a former Hollywood producerassured that the production only maintained its presence for a few minutes in the sequel directed by James Wan due to his insistence with actor Jason Momoa.

“They got engaged to her and they were adamant that she was in the movie”, confided Arnold via Daily Mail. According to this version, the alleged bad chemistry with Momoa – which Heard’s agent claimed she had been given as a reason – would be ruled out.

Walter Hamada on ‘Aquaman 2′

Walter Hamada, director of DC Filmsalso spoke before the jury to confirm the chemistry problems between the actors as the factor that most worried the production, plus they wanted another actress in Aquaman: The Lost Kingdom, whose premiere was scheduled for 17 March 2023.

“It was the concerns that came up at the end of the shooting of the first film and it was related to the chemistry issue. You can make a certain chemistry, and if you watch the movie it might look like they had it, but there was a lot of work in post production. to achieve it,” he confided.

According to the entertainment industry consultant, after his notoriety with films like Aquaman the Heard’s popularity must have increased, so also the opportunity to renegotiate her salary, which was 2 million dollars. This did not happen, so Heard countersued her ex-partner for 100 million dollars since she accuses him of harming her.

After training five-hour shifts daily for his action sequences, reports suggest that Mera it will only appear for a few minutes while, according to Arnold, the first draft included a romantic intertwining.

The Heard’s reputation is not the best, even fans outside the courthouse usually boo her, while Depp is applauded. Arnold even calculated that the total loss that Heard has lost on projects is around 45 and 50 million dollars because in a period of five years they could pay him 4 million dollars per film, in addition to agreements with brands such as L’Oreal.

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