The story behind Rocky and how he saved Sylvester Stallone’s life


The actor who played the legendary Philadelphia boxer had to fight hard to get the opportunity that changed his life forever and made him a Hollywood icon.

The film was released in 1976.
© IMDbThe film was released in 1976.

After Rocky, Sylvester Stallone became synonymous with action cinema and along with arnold schwarzenegger dominated the scene during the 1980s and part of the 1990s. Thanks to the boxer from Philadelphia, great opportunities came to him, such as Rambo (which also became a franchise) or the most recent The Expendables. But long before the doors were opened in Hollywood he had to try again and again before he was given the chance.

In January 1977, Sylvester Stallone spoke with the journalist Barry Norman In an interview that aired on the bbc. There, she told how she turned his personal struggle into one of the most important movies in movie history. Thanks to Rocky, Stallone entered the select group of artists in which they are charlie chaplin Y Orson Wellesnominated in the same year by The academy for both Best Actor and Best Screenplay.

According to the vision of Stallone “At that time it seemed to me that the movies, at least the ones I saw, were at their worst”. Thus, he highlighted: “Everything was anti-society, antichrist, anti-government, anti-everything, and there was no one to support”. Therefore, he thought of a person who could generate empathy in the public, someone who was not seen as the favorite but whose intentions were good. So, he decided to turn him into an unknown boxer who had only one chance to be champion.

Of course this also reflected a lot of his own personal fight. Back then, Stallone he was almost bankrupt and nobody wanted to produce his project. However, he never lowered his arms: “I figured if I was going to sink into professional obscurity I wanted to at least have a chance to say to myself, ‘well, at least you tried.’”he said, as well as highlighted that “I wanted to see if I could fail” under their “own conditions”. Fortunately for movie lovers, his perseverance triumphed and he managed to create this great and popular saga.

Sylvester Stallone’s Dog Story

During his interview with norman, Stallone pointed out that the times in which he wrote Rocky were pressing and it was not in its best economic moment: “I wrote the script in three and a half days just because I felt the wolf at the door”, assured. In fact, it was learned that he had to sell his dog for a few dollars in order to feed his family. Thanks to Rocky, Stallone He managed to have money to recover his dog, although the business involved an unexpected turn of the screw. The person who bought the animal asked him for 300 thousand dollars, but given the actor’s refusal, he agreed to give it to him in exchange for having a small cameo in the film. With this offer on the table, sylvester managed to reunite with his dog, who also had a role in the production and was the unmistakable Butkus.

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