The Chivas starting player that Víctor Manuel Vucetich wants to take from the Flock for the Apertura 2022


The transfer market is beginning to move and King Midas would be interested in hiring a Guadalajara pillar and it is not Lalo Torres.

Pumas vs Chivas - Opening Tournament 2021 Liga BBVA MX
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Clausura 2022 has not yet concluded; however, the clubs are already working hard on putting together their respective teams and are analyzing options to strengthen their teams, where Víctor Manuel Vucetich would be interested in snatching a starter indisputable to the Flock to take it to Rayados.

The stay of king midas in Guadalajara has caused the strategist is interested in some players to reinforce the Monterrey squad without having to spend large amounts of money and with local talent so as not to saturate their places with foreigners, so a few weeks ago it began to be mentioned that the Tamaulipas wanted to take Lalo Torres.

However, Telediario reported that One of the Guadalajara players that Vucetich is most interested in is Hiram Miera footballer that he knows well because they coincided in the Sultana del Norte more than a decade ago, in addition to the fact that he was an element of all his confidence during his stay in the Flock.

Poll How far do you think Chivas will go in the 2022 Opening?

How far do you think Chivas will go in the 2022 Opening?

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“In the process of making the Rayados de Monterrey stronger for the Apertura 2022, the albiazul coaching staff led by Víctor Manuel Vucetich, would have Mexican defender Hiram Mier in his sights, who is currently in Chivas ”, reported said media outlet.

What is the position of Chivas?

So far, Guadalajara has not received any offer for Hiram Mier; however, the desire to the rojiblanca directive is to keep him in the squad for the 2022 Apertura, but in case a good offer arrives, they would let him leave since he only has one semester left on his contract as a rojiblanco and so far there have been no talks of renewal.


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