Taylor Swift fans think the singer will appear in Grey’s Anatomy season 18 finale after spotting a since deleted “clue”

Fans of TAYLOR Swift have become convinced that the singer will appear in the season 18 finale of Grey’s Anatomy.

The theory circulated after online investigators spotted multiple clues pointing to the possibility that they will see the 32-year-old on TV this week.

The two-hour season finale airs this week and viewers have spotted clues that the singer will make a cameo.


On Monday night, online investigators noted that Taylor’s name appeared as part of the cast list for the upcoming Grey’s Anatomy finale on IMDb.

The two-hour season finale will air Thursday and will consist of consecutive episodes: the first titled Out for Blood and the second You Are the Blood.

Taylor’s name appeared on the list of the first of the two, which will be the 399th episode of the show, with the 400th airing soon thereafter.

Instead of having an accredited character name, IMDb said she would appear as herself in the long-running medical drama.

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Fans have been circulating screenshots on Twitter, freaking out over the possibility that he will make a cameo on one of his favorite shows.

Not only is Taylor friends with Gray star Ellen Pompeo, but she also named one of her cats after Ellen’s character on the show, Meredith Gray.

An enthusiastic Swiftie tweeted: “brb is going to look at Grey’s entire anatomy just because Taylor Swift might be in an episode.”

Another wrote, “Are you telling me I have a day and a half to catch up on two seasons of grays anatomy so I can see Taylor Swift get three minutes of airtime in one episode?”

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A third said: “If this really happens, I will be inconsolable.”

The rumor that Taylor will appear in the medical drama comes just days after receiving the title of “doctor” in real life.

The singer received an honorary doctorate in fine arts from New York University on Wednesday.

Adoring fans and supporters of the icon screamed as current Dr. Swift blew kisses and graduated from Yankee Stadium.

Wearing her purple robe, Taylor told the crowd: “I’m 90% sure the main reason I’m here is because I have a song called 22”.

He added: “Never be ashamed to try. Simplicity is a myth “.

Taylor went on to graduate: “Learn to live together to shiver. No matter how hard you try to avoid shivering, you will look back on your life and shiver in retrospect. “

“… I know it can be really overwhelming to understand who to be, and when, who you are now and how to act to get where you want to go.

“I have good news: it’s all up to you.

“I also have some terrifying news: it’s totally up to you.”

The singer-songwriter did not go to university and actually dropped out of high school in her 10th grade, before completing her studies on her own.

She explained: “I went to public high school until the tenth grade and then I finished my studies doing my homework on the floor of the airport terminals.”

L '

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Dr Swift added that she “never had a normal college experience per se,” but encouraged her fellow graduate students to work hard.

Prior to the ceremony, Taylor posted a video on Instagram with the caption: “Wearing a cap and suit for the first time – see you soon NYU.”

Online investigators noted that Taylor's name appeared on IMDb as part of the cast list


The episode is also called


The singer recently became a


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