Sylvester Stallone prepares his television debut with the series “Tulsa King”; there is already a release date

the actor of "Rambo" joins the world of series and will star "tulsa king".  (Brian Douglas/Paramount+)
The “Rambo” actor joins the world of series and will star in “Tulsa King.” (Brian Douglas/Paramount+)

Finally we will have a series starring Sylvester Stallone. Is about tulsaking, the fiction of Paramount+ which will premiere on November 13 when the first two episodes will be broadcast. The rest of the chapters will be uploaded to the platform every Sunday on a weekly basis. The series follows the life of Dwight The General Manfredi (played by Stallone), a New York mob boss who has been released after spending 25 years in jail.

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Once on the streets, Manfredi’s boss sends him to the town of Tulsa in Oklahoma where he settles. But this man will not sit idly by and will begin to recruit people to work with and for him, and thus be able to generate a new criminal empire where he would be the leader. tulsa king has in its cast Andrea Savage, Martin Starr, Max Casella, Domenick Lombardozzi, Vincent Piazza, Jay Will, AC Peterson Y Garrett Hedlund.

Stallone in the role of Dwight
Stallone in the role of Dwight “The General” Manfredi in the series “Tulsa King”. (@officialslystallone)

This production has the brains of Taylor Sheridan, one of the most prolific directors and screenwriters in the industry. In his list of fictions he has the script of the great series Hell or High Water and of Hitmen. But it was not until the arrival of Yellowstone that his name began to sound louder. It was the year 2018 and Sheridan was creating a universe (that of the Duttons) that would generate many other series by way of spin-off.

From the original series starring Kevin Costner, it came this year 1883 with sam elliot that dates back to the coming west of the family’s ancestors and another that has just been announced, called 1932, starring Helen Mirren Y Harrison Ford. They wait in turn to take shape another two spinoff: on the one hand 6666 which will take as its starting point Rancho Four Sixes, and on the other hand the series is scheduled 1981 which will tell the youth of John Dutton. For this version we will see Kevin Costner with many fewer years, an effect that will be achieved digitally.

Sylvester Stallone on a break during the recording of the series "tulsa king".  (@officialslystallone)
Sylvester Stallone on a break during the recording of the series “Tulsa King”. (@officialslystallone)

Speaking to the magazine Variety, Sheridan referred to the project tulsa king and said, “Look, All you need, in my opinion, to have an interesting television show, is to take a really fascinating character and place him in a world that we know nothing about.”.

Both Sheridan and Stallone are also executive producers on this series which will begin airing in November 2022.


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