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    Selena Gómez’s care routine goes far beyond her skincare ritual, where the products of her signature RARE Beauty are some of the great protagonists. She herself has told us and shown it on more than one occasion. Social networks -from Instagram to TikTok- are a small window to her dressing table and we know thanks to her posts how Selena Gómez takes care of herself. These are some of her beauty commandments:

    • You never go to bed with makeup
    • Always, always, apply sunscreen
    • Apply facial mist before applying makeup

      But if you wonder doWhat is a star’s ‘sweet dreams’ ritual after a night at the premiere, the MET red carpet or an awards show? We can see it in his new video on Tiktok.

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      Selena goes from a glam look to a washed face look with a 10 step ritual of pampering and facial and body care. In it we have noticed that the artist emphasizes the care of her eye contour. For this she reveals to us another of the great must-haves in Selena Gómez’s dressing room: Caudalie’s Resveratrol-lift eye contour cream.

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      What is special about the Caudalie Resveratrol-lift Eye Lift treatment? This contour, thanks to its patented association of Resveratrol, hyaluronic acid and vegan collagen booster, reduces dark circles, bags and smoothes the eyelids. Enriched with quinoa extract, (yes, it is not only used to create healthy and delicious recipes), its formula helps fight against the signs of fatigue: the look appears younger and rested. In addition, 97% of the ingredients in this eye contour are of natural origin.

      It is super pleasant on the skin, thanks to its gel-cream texture, which allows it to be applied both day and night. And in addition, it doubles its function by also using it as a lip contour treatment, to treat and prevent the appearance of undesirable “barcode” wrinkles.

      Caudalie Resveratrol Lift Eye



      But the thing does not stop there, Selena completes the ‘restful look’ ritual with some eye patches. You have to try the gold + collagen effect on your eyes.

      24K Gold Collagen Eye Patches



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