Register in the call for Medical Specialists Guanajuato 2022

This May 24, those interested can register at the call Medical Specialists Guanajuato 2022.

This call is also known as the National Day of Recruitment and Hiring for Mélicas and Specialist Doctors. Its objective is to reduce the current backlog in the national territory.

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Due to this, Guanajuato residents ask themselves, what are the vacancies available for this call?

UN1ÓN Guanajuato gives you all the details about the vacancies available in the call doctors specialists 2022.

Vacancies available call for medical specialists Guanajuato 2022

In it Guanajuato state there are 137 vacancies in this call.

Now, among the specialties that they request are internal medicine, gynecology, pediatrics, anesthesiology, general surgery, surgical medical emergency, family medicine, orthopedics, pediatric emergencies, patient medicine, cardiology, neurology, among others.

If you want to know more, click here and check the board for more details.

Specialist Medical Registry Guanajuato 2022

Those interested in a vacancy should click here to participate in the call.

The first thing you will be asked for will be a username and password, now if you don’t have it, you must create one.

Online registration must be done from Monday to Friday and from 08:00 to 20:00, if you have any questions, call 800 95 32 216.

The deadline to register for the Guanajuato 2022 medical specialist call will be until June 7.

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Requirements for a place

The requirements that the specialist doctors ask for are the following:

  • Valid official identification with photograph (voting card, passport, etc.)
  • Three recent photographs (child size in color, on matte paper)
  • Updated birth certificate
  • Proof of address
  • Certificate or proof of medical specialty

Submit the documentation according to your personal situation:

TO) Graduates of generations 2021 and 2022 from Public Sector institutions or decentralized public organizations

  1. Institutional diploma of the specialty, issued at the state or federal level.
  2. From institutions of the Private Sector: institutional record of the specialty. Only graduates from institutions recognized by the Interinstitutional Commission for the Training of Human Resources for Health (CIFRHS) will be attended.

b) Graduates of previous generations (any institution)

  1. Bachelor’s degree and certificate, as well as title and certificate to practice the specialty to which you are requesting admission.

c) In case of foreigners

  1. They must strictly comply with the requirements established for new candidates, as well as: validation of specialty studies by the Ministry of Public Education (SEP). Permanent Resident Card or Temporary Resident Card with permission to work.

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