Podium and antipodium of the Spanish Grand Prix

We present the winners and losers of the Spanish Grand Prix

The Formula 1 left behind the Spanish Grand Prixsixth date of the season.

It was a missed opportunity for Ferrari, both with charles leclerc as with Carlos Sainz. But not only did they lose a race that looked like they would win easily (in the case of Charles Leclerc), they also lost the lead in both championships.

Now Max Verstappen Y Red Bull they command both tournaments. It was the team’s second 1-2 of the season and they lead the constructors’ championship for the first time since the British GP in 2021.


Max Verstappen – Six years ago Verstappen won his first F1 race in Barcelona. Now, and despite his mistake, he returned to the top in Spain and also to the top in the drivers’ standings. One fact, nothing less: Verstappen in 2022, if he finishes, he wins the race: in Barcelona he had a moment with the gravel, but he came out of there to finish and win.

Czech Perez – It was his first podium in Spain and his third second place in the campaign –the same ones he had done before in his entire career-. He gets the bitter pill of the order to let his teammate through to win, but he shouldn’t surprise either.

lando norris – Conditions in Spain were extreme. Very hot and, in addition, the young Brit fell ill. But he decided to run and, despite everything, he beat his teammate again and endured the tough battles in the midfield to take points to Woking.


ferrari – The car left Charles Leclerc without a victory that seemed easy for the Monegasque. The F1-75 failed and Leclerc lost the leadership of drivers. The faults were in the turbo and the MGU-H, which are irreparable –remember that the regulation prohibits the use of more than 3 turbos in the year and more than 3 MGU-H.

Carlos Sainz – The Spanish pilot erred again. But when you have a car that can win, comebacks are easier and so he was able to finish fourth and minimize the damage. However, the team takes note of another chance missed by the Madrid native.

Aston-Martin – Thursday and Friday were protagonists in the headlines. Notes, reports, interviews, all about how much the new AMR22 resembles the Red Bull RB18. But, the resemblance is only aesthetic, because they still do not have the speed that I constantly imposed on the points.

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