plans, prices, cities with coverage, and requirements to connect to the new generation network

AT&T finally launches its 5G network in Mexico. After the announcement of its launch at the end of last year, the operator revealed on Monday more details about its new generation network, from plans and price, coverage, compatible smartphones and the requirements to connect.

The 5G AT&T network will be available in Mexico from May 24currently with limited coverage, and for users of their rental plans, while prepaid customers will still have to wait to enjoy the benefits of the new 5G network.

What is needed to use the AT&T 5G network

AT&T explains that to connect to its new 5G network, four important sections are necessary:

  • An AT&T plan Build it compatible
  • A smartphone compatible with the network
  • Have a SIM Trio VoLTE or higher
  • be in a coverage area

We detail each of the fundamental aspects of using the AT&T 5G network below.

Where is the AT&T 5G network available?

Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey They are the first three cities with coverage of the AT&T 5G network. The exact coverage areas in each city can be verified on the site dedicated to the new network that will be enabled soon.

A few weeks ago AT&T announced that these would be the first cities with its 5G network, and mentioned that they would be the “major urban and industrial areas” those who would receive coverage. Finally, the operator assures that in the coming months more antennas will be activated to expand its 5G coverage, with the goal of reaching 25 cities throughout Mexico connected to 5G by the end of the year.

Which smartphones are compatible with the AT&T 5G network?

AT&T does not yet share a complete list of smartphones compatible with its 5G network, but it does highlight Xiaomi, HONOR and Motorola as its first three business partners. The complete information of devices can be verified in the section dedicated to 5G of its website.

At the moment in the AT&T store they are listed, from HONOR, the HONOR 50; from Xiaomi, the Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE, Xiaomi 11T and 11T Pro; and from Motorola, the Motorola Edge 30 Pro, Moto g51 5G, Moto g71 5G, Moto g200, Motorola Edge 20 Lite, Edge 20, Edge 20 Pro, and Moto g50.

Xiaomi 12 Smartphone Compatible Red 5g Att Mexico

Xiaomi 12, one of the smartphones compatible with the AT&T 5G network

Here it is important to mention that AT&T ensures that the equipment does not necessarily have to be purchased in your store but as long as they are from one of the three brands, they can be enabled to connect to the 5G network with one of the compatible plans.

AT&T assures that more manufacturers and devices compatible with its 5G network will be announced soon.

What are the AT&T rental plans with 5G

AT&T’s new 5G network is exclusive to rental plan usersHowever, the operator assures that in the future it will allow its prepaid customers to connect to the new network. The AT&T Ármalo plans are the ones that already allow you to connect to the 5G network, specifically from Ármalo 9, from 549 pesos per month.

Att Planes Armalo Red 5g

AT&T plans Build it, compatible with 5G from 9 GB

From now on, the prices of plans compatible with 5G gradually increase until they reach 1,399 pesos at the highest level, with 40 GB for navigation, and other services:

  • AT&T Arm it 9 GB, 549 pesos per month
  • AT&T Arm it 11 GB, 599 pesos per month
  • AT&T Arm it 14 GB, 699 pesos per month
  • AT&T Arm it 17 GB, 799 pesos per month
  • AT&T Arm it 20 GB, 899 pesos per month
  • AT&T Arm it 26 GB, 999 pesos per month
  • AT&T Arm it 40 GB, 1,399 pesos per month

More information about the AT&T 5G network will be revealed soon on the operator’s website.

Does the 5G network consume more data?

A very common and recurring question about 5G to end this post. No, the 5G network does not consume more data.

Consumption by navigation, do streaming of audio or video, downloading content or any other activity on the internet is the same on a 4G network as it is on a 5G network. The detail is that the higher browsing speed implies less time to, for example, download something, and therefore more tasks can be carried out in less time and this is what gives the perception that “5G consumes more data” .

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