Nahuel Guzmán will be suspended for one game, Atlas assistant leaves three for throwing the ball

Tigres’ appeal did not proceed and now Nahuel Guzmán will miss the start of Apertura 2022 next July

Nahuel Guzmangoalkeeper of tigersit goes a game suspendedfor stopping the advance of Atlas with a ball and being credited with a second yellow, while the assistant of the rojinegros, Gustavo Witte, will leave for three games sent off, so he will not be able to be in the final.

tigers had appealed the suspension of Nahuel Guzman, but did not proceed. In addition, among the tests, there was a video in which it is seen that the ball with which the goalkeeper of the felines cuts the advance of the Atlas, came from the bench of the red and black, that is why assistant Gustavo Witte is punished.

tigerssince last Monday, appealed the second yellow card he received Nahuel Guzmanin the semifinal against Atlas, because he considered that the ball with which the attack was made came from the red and black bench.

“The Disciplinary Commission reports that, based on the provisions of article 73 of the Sanctions Regulations, it received from the UANL Tigers Club a request for investigation into the expulsion of the player Nahuel Ignacio Guzman Palomeque during the match played on May 21, 2022; corresponding to the Semifinal Vuelta of the #GritaMéxicoC22 Tournament of LIGA MX between the Clubs TIGRES DE LA UANL vs. ATLAS”, informed the Disciplinary Commission, last Monday.

The Disciplinary Commission explained that it reviewed all the evidence, so it decided that Nahuel Guzmán would get the red card and one match suspension.

“In the same way, it is reported that in relation to the Request for Investigation for a possible Manifest Error of the Arbitrator, presented by the UANL Tigers Club., once the investigation related to the expulsion of the player has been carried out Nahuel Ignacio Guzman Palomeque corresponding to the Semifinal of the Return of the 2022 Clausura Tournament of LIGA MX played between the clubs Tigres de la UANL vs. Atlas and after having analyzed the corresponding play, as well as assessed the evidence and other documents provided, it is determined that said request is not applicable, so the player will not be able to participate with his team in his next official match of the LIGA MX “, informed the Disciplinary Commission.

After doing the analysis and reviewing the evidence presented, including a video where it is seen that an element of the Atlas throws the ball to the field, it was determined that Nahuel Guzman he is sent off for one game, while Gustavo Witte leaves for three games, for violating Fair Play and throwing balls onto the field.

Gustavo Witte is an Atlas kinesiologist and will not be able to be in the final of the red and black team against Pachuca.

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