Medical vacancies: Jalisco only has 212 places for specialists

Jalisco will only have 212 vacancies available for medical specialists, after the call launched by the Federal Government for the hiring of 13,765 medical specialists in all health institutions in the country.

The five specialties with the most open spaces in Jalisco are:

  1. Surgical medical emergencies (emergency medicine) with 38 beds.
  2. Gynecology and obstetrics with 29 seats.
  3. Pediatric emergencies with 25 places.
  4. General surgery with 16 places.
  5. Anesthesiology with 15 places.

The rest of the vacancies are divided into pediatrics with 15, family medicine with 13, internal medicine with 11, diagnostic and therapeutic imaging with 7, psychiatry with 6, plastic and reconstructive surgery with 4, ophthalmology with 3, urology with 3. Angiology and vascular surgery, cardiology, cardiology with high specialization in hemodynamics, thoracic cardiovascular surgery, dermatology, epidemiology, patient medicine, neurology, all these aforementioned specialties have two vacancies available.

Pediatric cardiology, general surgery, highly specialized liver and kidney, gastroenterology highly specialized in endoscopy, rehabilitation medicine, neonatology, medical oncology, orthopedics and traumatology, otorhinolaryngology, otorhinolaryngology and head and neck surgery, and perinatology will have a vacancy available in the entity.

What are the 10 states with the highest number of vacancies?

  1. CDMX -1,643 vacancies.
  2. Veracruz-1641 vacancies.
  3. Michoacan-781 vacancies.
  4. Chiapas-706 vacancies.
  5. Oaxaca-573 vacancies.
  6. Warrior-568 vacant.
  7. Tamaulipas-538 vacancies.
  8. Durango-500 vacancies.
  9. Sonora-491 vacancies.
  10. Nayarit-433 vacancies.

The call will be available on the website and will be launched this Tuesday from 12:00.

Interested medical specialists will have until Friday June 3 to register.

controversial cause

Associations and colleges of doctors in Mexico spoke out this week against the announcement made by the federal government that it will hire 500 Cuban doctors to cover the shortage of specialists in the country.

Mexican doctors consider this decision as an insult to national professionalssince many of them are unemployed.

For his part, the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, considered it vile to disqualify the arrival in the country of 500 Cuban doctors.

“Cuban doctors have already been helping in the COVID pandemic and we thank them very much and the truth is that it is vile that for political, ideological reasons, conservatism, a retrograde way of thinking, is disqualified.”



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