Listen to TV 23 May 2022 analysis: Isabella Ragonese wins the battle with Ilary. Ranucci beats Johnson and Statham. Clementino and Porro equal, Eto’o does not score

You listen to TV at the top: on Rai1 Usual Unknowns 4,695 million and 23.5%; the Tg1 of 20.00 to 4.489 million and 25.8%. On Channel 5 Tg5 to 3.728 million and 21%. Other Mediaset at 11.64% in prime time

A televised Monday still fought, that of May 23, 2022, starting with the proposals of the flagships. The second part of the fiction was broadcast on Rai1 Letizia Battaglia Photographer and was confronted with the new episode of The Island of the Famous on Canale5 (at the news of the extension until June 27, four decided to leave and two went to televoting). The comic show remained on Rai2 Made in Southwith Lorella Boccia And Clementine gathered at the conduction. While the action film was broadcast on Italia1 Fast & Furious 7. On the subject of in-depth analysis, however, on Rai3 Report has returned to focus on the Cuban health system, Capaci, the Italian trap (and relations with the underworld), while on Rete4 Nicola Porro has proposed an episode of Fourth Republic with the Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine Emine Dzhaparova And Matteo Renzi. Finally, La7 gave space to the film Giovanni Falcone.

Listen to early evening TV. Wins well Letizia Battaglia, signed Andò / Barbagallo. The film on Falcone de La7 also did well in a ‘Palermo’ evening. Ranucci distances Porro (with Renzi)

On Rai1 the fiction Only for passionLetizia Battaglia Photographerwith Isabella Ragonese, Paolo Briguglia, Roberta Caronia and Enrico Inserra in the cast it won 3.285 million spectators and 18.3% (2.981 million spectators and 17.81% the budget of the first part). On Canale 5 the appointment with The Island of the Famouswith Ilary Blasi to the management, Vladimir Luxuria And Nicola Savino opinion makers, Alvin sent to Honduras, four deaths of fame in the race decided not to continue (Alessandro, Guendalina, Lica and Blind), Gennaro at Playa Sgamadissima, Maria Laura and Roger in nominations, it had 2.380 million spectators and 18.9% between 21.45 and 25.25 (2.332 million spectators and 17.73% on the previous Monday).

On the third network the program of Siegfried Ranucci, Report had 1.462 million viewers and 7.8% after the presentation to 1.093 million viewers and 5.5% (1.450 million viewers and 7.3% after the start to 1.223 million and 5.7% seven days before ). On Italia1 the film Fast & Furious 7with Jason Statham and Dwayne Johnson had 1.345 million spectators and 7.7%. On Rai2 the sixth episode of the southern cabaret Made in Southwon only 817 thousand spectators and 5.4% (881 thousand spectators and 5.3% seven days earlier).

On the subject of stable information but losing the defense of Rete4. Fourth Republicwith Nicola Porro to the management, he proposed among the guests Emine Dzhaparova, Matteo Renzi, Valentino Valentini, Matilde Siracusano, Vittoria Baldino, Matteo Bassetti, Marco De Paolis, Gene Gnocchi, Vittorio Sgarbi, Anna Monia Alfieri, Giovanni Toti, Hoara Borselli, Piero Sansonetti, Eleonora Forenza, Tommaso Labate, Toni Capuozzo. The program had 800 thousand spectators and 5.5% (815 thousand spectators and 5.3% share seven days earlier). On La7 the film Giovanni Falcone with Michele Placido, Giancarlo Giannini, Anna Bonaiuto it had 750 thousand spectators and 4.1%.

Listen to free native digital TV. RaiMovie wins on La5

On RaiMovie I am Valdez 467 thousand spectators and 2.4%. On La5 Inga Lindstrom achieved 411 thousand spectators and 2.2%. About Iris The touch of evil to 383 thousand and 2.1%. On the Nove Ex – Friends as before it collected 370 thousand spectators and 2%. On Tv8 the charity football match Eto’o Integration Heroes won 331 thousand spectators with 1.7%. Out of 20 I’m legend to 325 thousand and 1.7%. Out of 27 Family vices to 292 thousand and 1.5%. On RaiPremium A summer in Paris 278 thousand spectators and 1.4%. On Focus Puzzles revealed 2 to 250 thousand and 1.3%. On Cine 34 tiramisu to 224 thousand and 1.2%. On RealTime Lives on the edge it had 194 thousand spectators and 1%. On Rai4 Alex Rider it had 142 thousand spectators and 0.75%. SuLa7d Josephine 117 thousand spectators with 0.6%.

Listen to TV day time

In access. On Rai1 The usual unknown to 4.659 million spectators and 23.5%. On Channel 5 Striscia la Notizia has achieved 3,363 million spectators with a 16.9% share. About Italia1 NCIS recorded 1.297 million spectators with 6.7%. On Rai2 Tg2 Post 823 thousand and 4.1%. On Rai3 The joy of music was seen by 906 thousand spectators with 4.9% e A Place in the Sun by 1.420 million spectators and 7.2%. On Rete4 Italy tonight it had 863 thousand spectators and 4.5% in the first part and 879 thousand and 4.4% in the second part. On La7 Half past eight achieved 1.5 million viewers and 7.6%. On the Nove Deal with it 315 thousand spectators with 1.6%.

In the early evening. On Rai1 The legacy it got 2.340 million viewers and 22.1% and then 3.763 million and 27.2%. On Canale 5 for Come on the first 1.779 million viewers and 17.9% and then Come on another one! to 2,768 million and 20.8%. On Rai3 TGR 1,832 million viewers with 12.3%. Furthermore. On Rai2 The Good Doctor it collected 637 thousand spectators and 3.8%. On Italy 1 Csi Miami 617 thousand spectators and 4%. On Network 4 Love storm 724 thousand spectators and 4.2%. On La7 Special TgLa7 363 thousand and 3.7%. On Tv8 Home Restaurant to 220 thousand spectators and 1.5%. On the Nove Cash or Trash – Who Offers the Most? 252 thousand spectators and 1.7%.

In the morning. On Rai1 Tg1 Special Edition 14.7%. One Morning 17%. Italian stories 13.3%. On Canale5 Morning Five News 19.6% and 22.64%. On Rai2 Radio2 Social Club 5,1%. On Rai3 Agora 6.8% and 5.2%, Elixir 3.8% and 5.2%. On La7 Omnibus 3.1% and 3.4%. Coffee Break 4.5%. At noon. On Rai1 It’s always noon with Antonella Clerici 18.1%. On Channel 5 Forum 21.4%. On Rai2 Your Facts 11% and 10.8%. On Rai3 How many stories 5.5% Past and present 4.3%. On Italy 1 Sport Mediaset 6.6%. On Rete4 The secret 1.4% e Murder, she wrote 5%. On La7 The Air that Pulls 5.34% in the first part and 4.8% in the second part.

In the afternoon. On Rai1 Today is another day 17% share. Ladies paradise 17.5% in replica, Live life 17.4% and 19.1% share. On Canale5 Beautiful 19.7%, A life 20.9%, Men and women 27.4% and 25.1%, Brave and beautiful 18.7%, Afternoon Five 15.7% and 16.9%. On Rai2 Giro d’Italia summary stages 3.3%, Marie Brand 3.75%. On Rai3 Geo at 4.5% and 9%. On Rete4 The Forum Desk 6.3% and 7.3%, War Diary 3.8%. About Italia1 The Simpsons 4.9% in the first episode, 5.85% in the second episode and 5.55%. On La7 Tagada 2.85% and 3.5% and 4.12%. In the late evening. On Rai1 Street of stories 10.6% share. On Rai2 ReStart 4.3%. On Rai 3 Dilemmas 4.9%, Night Line 4.6%. On Channel 5 Isla Bonita 28.5%, Tg5 Night 20.3%. About Italia1 Tiki Taka 6.2% and 7.25%. On Rete4 Motive 3.95%.

Emanuele Bruno

(In the photo a moment of Letizia Battaglia)

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