Johnny Depp and Kate Moss: The story of the stormy and crazy love of the fashionable couple of the 90s

The legal situation between Johnny Depp Y Amber heard it has become complex. It is not for less, if their prestige and millions of dollars are at stake. One of the last details of the trial pointed to a rumor that points to the actor as a violent man with his ex-partner Kate Mosssomething that could be decisive in the case, since she will be called to testify.

According to the actress, her ex-husband pushed the model when they were dating; However, this was not confirmed, although it was known that the relationship between the two celebrities in the 1990s was one of the most notorious for the controversies they sparked. However, a long time has passed since the two separated and it is necessary to remember it for everyone who closely follows the trial.

Johnny Depp and Kate Moss, the couple of the moment… in the 90s

The couple met in 1994, when he was 31 years old and she was 20. Both practically fell in love and immediately knew that they would have an intense relationship, although they never imagined that they would go through some unforgettable bitter situations.

As soon as they started dating, they showed their affection even in public, without fear of the dreaded paparazzi cameras. However, the passion began to take another form, as the discussions began to sprout regardless of who was present.

One of the strongest controversies of the protagonist of “The Young Scissorhands” was when he ended up arrested in the early hours of September 13 of the same year for conflictive behavior within the Hotel Mark in New York, state Joined. At that time the report was that the musician was also found “intoxicated”, while Moss was totally unharmed.

luckily for Depp the judge dismissed the charges and he only limited himself to paying a sum of almost 10 thousand dollars for the repair of the damages inside the property. At that time the behavior was justified by the possible poor service of the place.

The dynamite couple ended up separating

Despite their problems, the couple stuck it out for four years; however, everyone thought that they would reach the altar, but to their surprise they separated. This topic was touched on in 2012 according to People, when Moss stated that the separation hurt him a lot because Depp He took care of her like nobody else.

For his part, the actor accepted that he was to blame that the relationship had not prospered, because he did not know how to separate his relationship from his work. Despite the fact that he said he had never been excited by a woman, his character also did not help much to fix things. Simply, he said he, did not give him the attention he deserved.


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