Jennifer Lopez | the mythical “side B” accepts challenges | There is a system

Jennifer Lopez, the mythical “side B” accepts challenges | There is a system, and she teaches you (Tuesday 24 May 2022)
World famous artist, Jennifer Lopez finally reveals his secret. teachesthere to be like you. The life of Jennifer Lopez it was a succession of successes. But the singer made her own. She of Puerto Rican descent, she grew up in the Bronx, a New York neighborhood with a high crime rate.
Jennifer Lopez with a side B to scream (web source) Her skills as a dancer and actress, however, meant that the climb was rapid. Selected to dance in some saw rap, she later became backup dancer for Janet Jackson. At the same time, the small screen welcomes her with the sit-com “In Living Color” and the TV series “Second chances”. But her fame comes with the silver screen. In 1994 she gets a part in the film “My family” which collects a …Read on newstv


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