I’m a Plastic Surgeon: The Secret Sign Kardashian’s mom Kris Jenner has had another facelift at 66

KRIS Jenner debuted a new hairstyle at daughter Kourtney Kardashian’s wedding this weekend, but it may have been a red herring for a more dramatic overhaul.

While the 66-year-old hasn’t admitted to having any work done recently, she has had a facelift in the past, and a plastic surgeon says a hair makeover is the perfect way to throw a touch-up on her face afterward. of a pinch fold.

Her hair was slightly longer and fell over her ears, while her bangs covered her forehead.


The world’s most famous mom looked refreshed and fabulous at her eldest son’s high-profile event in Italy, and Instagram followers couldn’t help but notice her slightly longer locks, which fell over her ears and covered most of her hair. her forehead with asymmetrical bangs.

“I love the new hair,” one commenter wrote.

But others were more impressed by how “stunning” and “gorgeous” she looked, with one commenting, “OMG, you’re aging backwards.”

It’s not clear if this reverse aging is due to top-of-the-line skincare or some surgical wizardry, but a leading plastic surgeon says sporting a new hairstyle isn’t uncommon after a facelift.

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“Immediately after a facelift, one may choose to wear their hair down to hide the incisions until they begin to fade,” Dr. Darren Smith, a New York board-certified plastic surgeon, tells the US Sun.

Doing this can “directly hide scars as they are healing” and “better complement your new facial aesthetic.”

“Wearing your hair around your ears is great for the first few weeks after a facelift to hide scars,” he added. “Bangs can be great for a few weeks to hide scars after a brow lift.

“After that, when the scars fade, most of my patients feel a sense of freedom to experiment with hairstyles they may have avoided in an attempt to offset signs of facial aging.”

Although Dr. Smith said a good facelift shouldn’t “radically change” a person’s appearance, playing with other parts of their appearance can still help ease the “initial transition.”

“Face-framing hairstyles and clothing are a good idea right after the procedure. These options draw attention to the fringes and soften the look of the ‘main event’,” she said.

While Kris hasn’t admitted to going under the knife recently, she was candid about getting a face lift on a 2011 episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

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“She looks amazing,” Khloe said afterward. “They say you’re supposed to have a lot of swelling for a week or so, but I didn’t notice.”

In 2015, she managed to get Botox, fillers, and laser treatments, as well as a boob job after having four kids “because gravity took over.”

Kris was open about getting a facelift in 2011, letting the cameras capture it for television.


Dr. Darren Smith, a board-certified plastic surgeon from New York, says long hair and bangs can hide scars


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