he is the first to score 100 goals in La Liga and in the Premier League

The one marked atArsenal after just seven minutes of the match valid for the 35th day of the Premier League 2021-2022 it was at the same time one of the most bitter, but also exciting and unforgettable, goals of the career of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Manchester United, Ronaldo is not enough: the Champions League is a mirage

We are talking about a player capable of reaping record after record, yet the applause reserved for him by the spectators of the Emirates as gift after the tragedy of the death of one of the twins that CR7 expected from his partner Georgina Rodriguez it was touching, also obscuring yet another technical disappointment, given that the 3-1 defeat remedied by Ralf Rangnick’s team seems to have been a sentence on hopes of the Red Devils to stay in the running for fourth place.

Cristiano Ronaldo, creepy tributes to the Emirates

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Cristiano Ronaldo, creepy tributes to the Emirates

Cristiano Ronaldo scores 100 Premier League goals

Yet the goal to the Gunners is also destined to enter Ronaldo’s personal football history, having been the number 100 career in the Premier League. A respectable milestone that adds another record to Cristiano’s career, who became the first player in football history to hit the triple number of goals in both the English and Spanish leagues, where the Portuguese made the history of Real, scoring 311 goals in the league alone, in 292 appearances, which earned him second place among the all-time strikers in La Liga history behind solo Leo Messi.

Manchester United at Ten Hag: what future for Ronaldo?

As for Ronaldo’s adventure in the Premier League, however, the discussion was resumed this season, with the 16 centers achieved so far this season being added to the 84 between 2003 and 2010. And the A league? In Italy, Ronaldo scored “only” 81 goals, a considerable amount considering the three years of militancy in the Juve. Now it remains only to understand how much Cristiano will be able to replenish the spoils in England, given that his stay in the Manchester United to come and which will be led by Erik ten Hag, despite a contract expiring only in a year, is still to be demonstrated. …

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