Director of Medicine calls to create alliances

Director of Medicine calls to create alliances

The director of the Faculty of Medicine of the Autonomous University of San Luis Potosí (UASLP), Ismael Herrera Benavente, assured that the faculties and schools of medicine throughout the country collaborate to provide the necessary doctors to meet the citizen demand .

Given the increase in public confrontation over the hiring of Cuban doctors between the federal government, the opposition and part of the country’s medical community, he indicated that, in health and education policies, confrontations should not be sought and that rather promote dialogue to build solid alliances and agreements.

“Both sectors in the same harmony must respond clearly and transparently to the questions: What is the responsibility of the Health Sector? What is the responsibility of the Secretary of Public Education? What is the responsibility of universities and colleges and medical schools?; What is that of the students?; That of the interns? of the professionals of general medicine?; The one from the exercise specialist?” he questioned.

He added that the work should focus on the efforts and commitments of the educational institutions dedicated to the teaching of medicine, to contribute to the redesign of our health system, which currently has significant lags in order to provide universal and quality access to a Great part of the population.

In this sense, Herrera Benavente stated that the faculty he heads is aware that health professionals with relevant profiles must be trained to meet the priority and current needs of the population, especially those who contribute to primary health care. .

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