Cinema . Ethan Coen presented his documentary on the life of Jerry Lee Lewis at Cannes

Ethan Coen at the Cannes Film Festival. / SEBASTIEN NOGIER / EFE

The youngest of the Coen brothers presented this Sunday at the Cannes Film Festival his first documentary, “Jerry Lee Lewis: Trouble in Mind”, an electric documentary about the overwhelming existence of the rock and roll pioneer.

Jerry Lee Lewis, is a legendary American pianist and singer, considered one of the most influential and important rock and roll musicians of the 20th century, his popularity fell in the late fifties due to various scandals in his personal life. He was married seven times and one of them was especially controversial, his wife was 13 years old. He talks about it in the documentary and says that he has no regrets, even though he was about to sink his career.

His cache plummeted but he kept playing. For twelve years his life consisted of traveling from city to city and playing every night without rest. He offered more than 300 concerts a year. He rebounded in the late ’60s with several hits in country music, though he never returned to the success of his early days.

The musician is the last survivor of his generation, that of Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Ray Charles or Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis returned to recording in 2019, after recovering from a stroke. His last album to date, a collection of gospel versions with T-Bone Burnett, producer of the documentary who was the one who brought the proposal to Coen.

Coen’s documentary shows important archive material that includes television reports and presentations, as well as some personal interviews.
The film, as its inspiration T-Bone suggested, begins with the song She Even Woke Me Up to Say Goodbye at the performance of The Ed Sullivan Show and ends with Another Place, Another Time.

“Jerry Lee Lewis: Trouble in Mind” is a documentary of just over an hour built with archive interviews and performances in which the 86-year-old musician from Louisana reviews his life, from his self-taught training between clubs and church of his city to his rapid rise to glory.

Ethan Coen’s first solo film comes shortly after his brother Joel released his, a stylized black-and-white adaptation of “Macbeth” starring Frances McDormand and Denzel Washington, who earned an Oscar nomination for this work. .

For those who like rock and roll, and the magic of the Coens -although this time he is without his older brother- this will be an appointment that cannot be postponed.

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