Chris Hemsworth joins Scarlett Johansson in a select MCU club

Scarlett Johansson made history in the MCU and now Chris Hemsworth joins her in a very select club of Marvel Studios movies.

In the spectacular new poster of Thor: Love and Thunder from Marvel Studios has been credited to Chris Hemsworth as executive producer of the film. With this he has become the second actor in the history of the UCM in producing a film and being, at the same time, its main star. Scarlett Johansson was the first to mark that historic event with her work on black widow (2021).

As to Disney+, Tom Hiddleston was credited as executive producer of the series of Loki. On the other hand, oscar isaac earned the same credit during his work at moon knight. The two of them lead the exclusive plot of the UCM select club on television. For their part, Chris Hemsworth and Scarlett Johansson are the only ones with that card in Marvel Studios movies, according to The Direct.

The dedication of two stars to a genre underestimated in the industry by the most “purists” of cinema

Hardly anyone has had the media impact in the MCU and for as long a period of time as Chris Hemsworth. We have seen or heard it in ten different projects throughout all these years. He now he seems to be far from making his mark on the franchise and has taken on more responsibilities in Thor: Love and Thunder. A feat that is on a par with Scarlett Johansson in black widow.

While it’s unclear what Chris Hemsworth’s duties are as executive producer, seeing him and Scarlett Johansson taking on that role shows the level of dedication actors of his caliber have to the MCU. He says a lot about both stars, especially given the obsessive debate some filmmakers in Hollywood have about disparaging the superhero genre. And, more specifically, belittling Marvel Studios movies.

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