Booker T positions himself on the side of WWE in the case of Sasha Banks and Naomi

The decision made by Sasha Banks and Naomi as soon as the Monday Night Raw episode began on May 16, and which led them to leave the venue after an argument with Vince McMahon due to creative discrepancies, has generated an authentic avalanche of publications, news and information, but also messages of support or criticism of the fighters, and not only from fans, but also from colleagues and colleagues.

The last to talk about this topic has been Booker T, who in the latest edition of his podcast The Hall of Fame offered his personal opinion on the indefinite suspension of Sasha Banks and Naomi by WWE. Then we leave you with your statements about it, transcript courtesy of

If someone walked out of a Reality of Wrestling event, I would fire them … One night, after setting him up to win, one of my fighters came out (into the ring) and went totally against the grain. I told him to pack his bags and that I didn’t want to see him again because it doesn’t work like that. If I give you a script and you want to get out of it, this is what happens: you get fired.. It’s that easy.

If I had someone who was on the card that night and said, ‘Man, I’m not doing this because I don’t want to do the job tonight,’ then get out of here… I have nothing personal against Naomi or Sasha. You know, this is a business. Many people are commenting on it as if it were something personal, as if WWE had an ax to crush Sasha and Naomi. I really don’t think that’s it.”

Sasha Banks and Naomi were scheduled to be part of a Six Pack Challenge in the main event that night, but his departure caused WWE to have to quickly change plansturning the fight into an individual combat between becky lynch Y Asukawhile issuing a statement explaining what happened.

On the latest episode of Friday Night SmackDown, Michael Cole offered an update on this topic, noting that the two fighters had been suspended indefinitely. Meanwhile, their championships have been vacated, pending the crowning of two new champions in an upcoming tournament.

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