Billie Eilish and Lisa met in a new Simpsons short that was released on Disney+

Disney+ released a short of The Simpson in which the life of the mythical Springfield family meets Billie Eilish. The character who stars in the short chapter is Lisa, who meets the artist after leaving home so he can play the saxophone. Service streaming he had previously released similar material.

Despite the passing of the years, the television series The Simpson continues to be active and involved in the generation of new content. In this way, beyond the change that the incorporation to Disney platforms implied, it continues to be successful.

One of the peculiarities of this series is that, throughout its history, it has managed to mix the yellow world with the real one; among other resources, from the appearance of figures from different areas as characters in certain chapters. On this occasion, it was the turn of the 20-year-old singer Billie Eilish, who accompanies Lisa on an adventure.

The content will be Available from Friday but the platform has already advanced some issues in two trailers where the meeting is explained.

The first of them shows Lisa in her room playing the saxophone: her favorite instrument. As usual throughout the series, the girl has problems with her family because they don’t let her rehearse in peace. In line with this, Homer, who was drinking beer on the patio, sends him a message asking him to stop making noise.

The first trailer of The Simpsons about the short with Billie Eilish

Given this request, Lisa goes to the living room to continue with her practice, but the noise of the vacuum cleaner that Marge is using does not allow her to concentrate. Finally, she tries the tree house, but to no avail. Ella’s brother Bart starts teasing her on purpose and uses a saw to drown out the noise of the instrument. The closing of the video presents the title of the chapter, “When Billie met Lisa”, and anticipates the meeting between the two.

Hours later, Disney+ shared a second video that picks up the story. There you can see that, finally, Lisa finds a place to play the saxophone without being disturbed: under a highway.

The trailer for the short of The Simpsons with Billie Eilish

Listening to the girl’s music, a black car stops. Then Eilish comes out who, surprised by Lisa’s talent, he approaches and invites her to play together. During the mini-episode not only does she appear, but her brother Finneas and their parents are also present.

In addition, the inclusion of the artist joins the list of other music figures who had their appearance in the series as Paul McCartney or the Red Hot Chili Peppersamong many others.

To be able to see the meeting between Lisa and Billie Eilish, you only need to have a subscription to the service of streaming from Disney+. The short, which is already available on the platform streamingis not part of the series and has no continuity in future chapters that are released.

East It will be the fourth content of these characteristics that they publish The Simpson. The previous three, all released and available on Disney +, have other references to franchises such as starwars either Marvel.

The series is currently airing its 33rd season, which is scheduled to end in May. Among the highlights, this batch of chapters had some important returns to the Latin dubbing of the voicesas was the case of Humberto Vélez, Patricia Acevedo, Claudia Motta and Gabriel Chávez.

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