Beyonce and that “liason” with Elon Musk

Beyonce and that “liason” with Elon Musk | A question of power (Wednesday 18 May 2022)
Beyonce, Elon Musk… Being able to speak with the body, even more than with words and thus influences its interlocutors. It is called Pnl or non-verbal communication. It’s hard to admit that a person can only be more influential with their movements or posture than her. Yet, both Pnl (neurolinguistic programming) and non-verbal communication study exactly this area. Several researches in this regard have confirmed how some attitudes are winning in certain situations. Whether at school or university during an oral question, at a job interview or for a presentation at a conference, the way we move will be instrumental in convincing the other party.
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Elodie distorted look: long and very blond hair “Such and such to Beyoncé”

Elodie revolutionizes her look, changes her haircut, now she looks like Beyoncé. The singer went blonde, changes in her life ahead of her. Here’s the picture.

Eurovision 2022 look: colorful Pausini & co 6/7, David in corset 7 and Muscat the copy of Beyoncé 5

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